Inspiration from a friend.

My friend, Lesley over at
does these great ATC's.
One morning, while perusing blogs, (which I don't seem to have enough time to do lately)
I saw the ATC in her blog and got inspired.
Not a bird lover myself,
I changed it up a little.
Mardi Gras,
New Orleans.
That was the theme.
And an order finally finished.
Why do I procrastinate so much?

And a couple of more owls.

And before you think...
Cathy, you get so much done?
Where do you find the time?
Don't bronze my craft supplies yet.
This is what my family room looks like right now.
You see, eight years ago, I sold my house to my step-daughter and son-in-law.
I married JWS
and less than a month later,
Jenn and Chris got engaged.
That fall they bought my old house.
They remodeled,
time slipped past and
I never got the attic cleaned out. 
She didn't need it,
I put it off.
they have moved next door to us.
they think that they have their old house (my old house)

Last night, the girls and I cleaned it out.
Tons of stuff went to the dumpster,
That will keep the TV cameras away.
I can throw things out!
The rest needs sorted.
Pics of the "memories" coming soon.


Balisha said…
Attics are just the best place to stash things away. Then comes the day of gotta do it. You'll feel so much better with this job taken care of and maybe you'll find some treasures that you had forgotten. Have fun, Balisha