Last Class

Last  night was my last charcoal class.
Although it was only four weeks, I learned so much.
Joining the local art association has been great.
It has made me aware of so many new avenues.

Doesn't that one pencil look crooked? 
I just noticed that.
Oh well, it's not as if I had a ruler.
Gives credit to that statement,
"I can't even draw a straight line."

Next class, starts Monday.
Not exactly a class, it is open studio nights in April.
Still lifes.
Can't wait!

And Paint.
I cleaned these shelves the other night.

For me, anyway.

Recently, I became a Helping Artist for Decoart.
They are very generous with products for you to try.
My head is spinning with possibilities for projects.
If only I didn't have to go to work...


Cathy, I can't see a crooked pencil in that drawing at all! Great job on all the drawings!
Debbie said…
You are so talented. Love the charcoal drawings. Everything looks so real like I could reach out and touch their subjects. You sound like me when you talked about what we could accomplish if we did not have to work.

Have a great day!
Debbie K
Ann said…
Cathy, Very nice work! I love your statement "If only I didn't have to go to work", it's my favorite and I say it all the time. ~Ann
Great charcoal sketches! I love working with pencil and haven't done it in years.
Hi Cathy,
Your work is wonderful...and your talent just keeps going on and on.
Looks like you held the one pencil quite tight for a long length of time! lol

NancyD said…
What wonderful talent you have!! I can't imagine being able to draw like that, it is a gift!! :) I love how your paints are stored...
Funny how this "not working" works..I STILL never seem to have enough time for anything!! LOL
beautiful drawings... and love the paint room.. very organized.
You are soooo talented!!! Love all those pieces. Can't wait to see what your next class produces.
Eileen Bergen said…
You did beautifully in the class, Cathy.

If anyone questions the curved pencil, just say you were in a Dali mood.
lovin' the charcoal..never tried it yet!
Kathy said…
wow.. your sketches are great..pencils look great and love love the organized paint room.. and all those lovely new toys...
Balisha said…
I love your artwork...This is how we started in our art classes in school. I was so anxious to get to the colors, that I really didn't apply myself. You are so talented..
You are also very tidy...your supplies are shelved very neatly. Balisha