More giveaway items and ANOTHER bunny.

Just can't quit painting these bunnies.
This one will be added to my selling blog. 
The door is not as large as some of the ones that I paint so the shipping would not be as high.

It is not often that you will see baked items on my blog.
The kitchen is not my favorite place to be.
These were so easy though. 
The recipe was on Hungry Girl on one of the cooking channels,
but I have been told it is a Weight Watcher's recipe also.
A chocolate cake mix and a can of pumpkin...I added the slivered almonds.
So easy, low fat and low calorie.
What a treat!

And these items will be added to the giveaway.
Over 50 comments!

To sign up,
click on this picture..
or the link on my sidebar.

The drawing will be on Saturday.

Just a quick glimpse of yesterday morning.
Mondays, should they start like this?
High winds,
Tree down on the neighbor's shed.
We think it was a mini tornado...
Off to work,
Measure a tractor trailer for decals,
Deliver 500 hats in my little vehicle,
Artwork for a pig box,
Begin the planning of another mission trip,
Other assorted phone calls and typical Monday issues.
All by 10:00 AM.
The calmest part of my day was when I went to give blood.
That is when I realized that maybe I give blood for my own selfish reasons.
How often can you lay in a recliner, no phone calls,
with your own private nurse patting you and making sure you are alright,
then gently helping you up and allowing you to eat treats guilt free.

Can I do this every day?


Patty C. said…
Your Bunnies are just incredible -
Ann said…
Cathy, Have you seen the phone add on tv where the husband is in bed, looking at his phone and his wife is standing by the side of the bed in a hot little black nightie? I laughed so hard when I saw the ad, my family thought something was wrong with me. You know who I was thinking of don't you? ~Ann
Connie said…
Love that new bunny Cathy! You're right about Monday's...they all seem to start out hectic! Hope you get a chance for some quiet time today.

Cathy, your talent is the bunny and the little box too!

My, your yesterday was filled enough to be two Monday's!

Have an enjoyable Tuesday.

Kathy said…
lol funny how some moments are just right hey? think you can go back in a love your bunnies.. too cute..
Firecracker Kid said…
Whoa, slow down I'm trying to keep up... LOL. Love the giveaway add ons:) I assume the good Lord is helping you keep up:)