One whole long, crazy week.

No pics...just words.

Monday started CRAZY....and continued.
In my words of the week.
Kendall, really do you have to put your finger that far up your nose?

Please everyone leave me alone while I place this shirt order.  
Yes, JWS, I know the shirt order is all wrong, refer to yesterday's comment.
Please leave me alone while I place the revised shirt order.
Yes, boys you can come to Grandma's after work and make cookies.
Boys, those big black ants that Grandma's kitchen is infested with are not pets.  We kill them, not let them walk all over us and tickle us.
I know that your Mom tells you nothing is "killed" or "dead" but I do not think that applies to big, black ants in Grandma's kitchen.
Boys, that is grandma's charcoal and yes you can draw with it a little bit.
Boys, I am going next door to get your pajamas.  You can bathe here, Mommy does not need to see you that dirty from charcoal.
Tyler, did you get a pawprint today?  Ok then you can use the computer today....and thank goodness because you are going to be here at work all day.
TYLER!!!!  Turn off that game, that is not a nice game!!!
Tyler, get your finger out of your nose!
Why, of course Shelby, we can clean out the attic tonight, I would like a free Saturday also.  Never mind that I am fifty two and tired at the end of a work day.
Kendall, really do you have to put that finger that far up your nose? 
Gracelyn, these were your Mommy and Aunt Shelby's books when they were little.  Look your Mommy liked Belle also.
Girls, let's just go to the restaurant to eat.
Girls, here is the money, I am taking these two outside to when you are finished, bring me the leftovers and leave a tip.
Kendall, do not run into the street!
JWS, please don't talk to me, I am too tired to think.
Logan, if you jump in that mud puddle you are not going to the Bent and Dent with me! 
Who put the lime green gum on Grandma's floor mat?
Boys, you are not behaving well in this store and if you don't shape up, I am going to leave you here and take these little, quiet Amish boys home with me instead.


KittyWampus said…
That is one of the funniest posts I've read in a long time. No pictures needed. Thanks so much for sharing a few smiles. Whew! Hope you get that "free" Saturday!
:o) Robin
lilraggedyangie said…
O my your week sounds like my typical one, sheesh you deserve some quiet time! Hope you get some over the weekend . Hugs
lil raggedy angie
you have had quite a week..and just how far did that finger go up the nose..;)
Eileen Bergen said…
Cathy, I know none of this was funny at the time, but you sure gave me a smile today. I especially love the last line ;-D
luv2teek said…

You sure do enjoy your grandkids--what great memories you are making!

Enjoy your weekend!
Cath: You never cease to amaze and crack me up at the same time...thought being a grandparent was easy and that you can just go home...oh yeah they live right next door :) make me certainly missed your calling...I'd love to see you doing standup somewhere on stage!
ps I received the "box" but will open it tomorrow with the laundry...hehe and Thankyou!!!
Kathy said…
lol loverly week.. nice it's saturday.. hope you get 10 minutes to yourself today...
Sheila said…
Cathy, I am LOL and thank you! I'm stealing 10 minutes to myself as the grandsons are downstairs with Papa, drilling holes in pieces of scrap wood! Favorite thing to to do. If you could see my house at the moment-on second thought it may look better than your frontroom you showed us the other day! LOL! and I've asked Alex (2 1/2) I don't know how many times since yesterday "really Alex? do you need help with that nose?! like a tissue?" and he responds "nope, Gwammy I got it!!!" I wouldn't trade these crazy days for anything!
Hang in there, tomorrow is a day of rest~