Owls and Aspire

A few more owls.
These are so much fun to make!
And a painting. 
Pay no attention to the lint on the floor.
This is in my laundry room in the basement.

Today I am off to Ohio for a luncheon at my Mom's church.
A visit with my cousin.
I don't see her often enough.

A visit to Pat Catan's.
Who knows where we might stop.
But right now....

"Sittin' here bloggin' waiting for my underwear to dry.."

Hey, that could be a song.


Cathy, those owls are so cute! I wish I was going to Pat Catan's with you! Have fun.
Teresa said…
The owls are too cute!!!!
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches
Angela said…
The owls are cute. Sounds like you have a fun day in store for yourself. Enjoy!
lilraggedyangie said…
The owls are adorable and well LINT happens . Sounds like you have a busy day ahead of you , wishing you safe journey. The Ohio sky is just beaming with sunshine this morning and its supposed to get up to almost 60 today so perfect weather for an over due visit and a lil shopping. Hope you have lots of fun.
lil raggedy angie
michelle said…
Oh there so cute!great job!sams club for me too,my usual weekend stock up ,sadly no pat catans but it is my fav.do you go to the one on west market down from the kraftmaid store?Its awesome there.They have the best deals on there seasonal items when on clearance.have a fun trip and visit sweetie.blessings and hugs michelle

Adorable owels!!

Eileen Bergen said…
The owls are sooo cute.

I love the painting too. That's a very different "look" for you, Cathy.

Have fun on your weekend outing!
Your creations are beautiful!
Enjoy your day ~ it sounds like fun.
Thanks for putting a smile on my face and making me laugh ~ I needed that.
Prim Blessings! Robin
love those sweet little owls..and your paintings are wonderful..;) anytime you want to do a swap..you just let me know.;) have fun today.;) and I hope you didn't get your Panties in a wad..lol..I had to go there.;)
Lynn said…
Sorry I haven't been around much this winter, it has been a tough winter with both parents ill. I have been spending alot of time in your neck of the woods. I just wish it were fun time... UPMC and Shadyside Hospitals. It takes me 2 hrs to get there and yesterday it took 4 hrs to get home. Some roads closed and we sat for 2 hrs. I could have knitted a sweater... LOL Hope all is well with you. I loved catching up on your blog...I have knitted 6 hats in the last week...
Good Morning, Cathy,
Your owls are as cute as cute can be! Do you ever sleep? I don't know how you keep up with work, grandbabies, and creating. You must have endless energy.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. ~Natalie

p.s. It snowed here yesterday. I am still wearing my neckwarmer! Thank you, again.