Some weeks...

just defy logic and explanation.
And this was one of them.
I would love to relate it to you and let you laugh at/with me.
but much of it cannot be blogged.
when I write my first novel.
I'll have that little disclaimer in the front that says that all of the events are fictional,
and all of you faithful readers will know that is not true.
It is real,
the names have been changed to protect the innocent.
Or maybe the names won't be changed,
I'll be gone,
who will care?
 and they can't sue me then.

But wait...
I am out of Barbeque potato chips and need to run for more.
Comfort food.
It has been a long week.
I lost 2.5 pounds at the weigh in this morning.
Chips are my treat!  

chips refilled.
I had a really rough week.
I can't tell you it all.
Here is a brief glimpse into it.
On Wednesday, I had a really drunk customer that started three stories with these sentences.
1. That last time I got throwed in jail.....
2. I know that woman that tried to rob the bank......
3.   Don't try to call my cell phone when my shirts are done, I dropped it in cow sh#$ and it does not work anymore., so .....

And just so you know...
that was NOT  the craziest one that I had.
Just the drunkest.


Anyone remember that 70's song,
"Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right..."
Stealers Wheel.

I have been singing it all week.

And now.
Not that I have the corner on sanity,
I found all of these in a box under my painting counter this week.
recipe clips
Can anyone say hoarder?
I didn't know that they were there.

Anyone know what this is?
Anyone that colors their hair as much as I do would.
Gracelyn, however was so excited when she found this and immediately wanted to bake a cake.

Not really sure how the two connected....
we mixed up a cake last night and stuck it in the oven.
When it came out she ran and grabbed these plastic gloves and came running and told me that she was ready to "ice" the cake.
It took a few minutes for me to realize that she thought it was icing..
you know,
like from Toaster Strudels.
How do you explain that to a three year old?

And speaking of that three year old...
and the fifty-two year old that egged her on...

How much fun can you have with a bag of polyfil?
Apparently more than I realized.

has anyone ever played
Play-Doh Bowling?

I started this with Logan and now every time the Play-Doh comes out
I have to make bowling pins and a bowling ball.

And that is just part of my week.
Trust me.
It was crazy!

One last little glimpse...
at 2:00 Am on Thursday morning,
JWS and I were making beans for a funeral dinner.
Frying bacon and browning hamburger.
I laid down in the recliner at 3:30 to sleep and the phone rang
at 6:00 AM. 
Normally, everyone knows that I am up by then.
Dale, I am had no idea!


michelle said…
Oh thats just priceless.what a week huh.I had to tell the tale of the drunk man to the hubs,we had a good laugh.what fun the polyfil must be.just precious.You live a very exciting life my dear.have a great weekend,let me know when you get that book michelle
Kathy said…
lol too funny.. still sleeping at 6??? wow.. love that pic with the fiber and bowling looks fun.. think the book would be a great read too..
Alisa said…
Oh my gosh...Stuck In The Middle With You by Steelers Wheel is my fav song of all time. I don't know why...I just find it a really catchy and happy tune. Sounds like you had a rough week...hope you are relaxing and getting revitalized!
Teresa said…
Well you have made my day end with a laugh, Thank You!!!!
I too never knew how much fun a bag of polyfil could be.
Teresa' Heartfelt Stitches
Lesley said…
OMGoodness Cathy.
Sounds like a doozie.
No wonder you lost weight this week.
Gracelyn looks like she and Grandpa are having fun, I wonder who cleaned it up after it was done?????
Can't wait for your book. You have a way about your writing and I can just imagine the look on your face with the drunkard. LOL
Still sitting on pins and needles here waiting for " that call" someone is really feeling low but hopefully early next week we will hear something.
Les xo
wilandnel said…
I love the drunk guy funny... i love the picture of gracelynn she looks like an angel in a sweet...
Oh my Cath...what a week....hope that your weekend is better (and you don't run into any drunk people). :)
KittyWampus said…
Oh my heck. You're way funny! Love it!!! Thanks for the "healthier" perspective. My week doesn't look so bad right now.
Sheila said…
"here I am, Stuck in the middle with you" OMG! now I can't get that song out of my head........and can't believe I just admitted to knowing it!!!! LOL
Wow woman, sounds like quite a week!
Love the polyfill fun! Just like a Grandpa to get her going.
I sure hope your weekend is a quiet one.
Thanks for the laughs......
Laurie said…
I would have had to do everything in my power not to laugh! I swear if it happens to anyone, it happens to you! Hysterical Cathy!
Good grief...Now I'd love to hear 'THE REST OF THE STORY'

What a creative idea for the Play-Doh...cute! Oh and what a fun thing in the Did she have little fibers clinging to her when she was done?

Again an enjoyable post!
Eileen Bergen said…
I was glad to hear the drunk had dropped his cell phone in s*#/ and not the shirt he had handed you!

Also glad you've been able to keep your sense of humor through "hell week".
Please Cathy, write a book, I'll send you a couple of bucks as an advance right now, you are hilarious! Hope the weekend goes smoother than the week did and that you don't run into anymore drunks! Deb
Firecracker Kid said…
Oh boy, drunk people. DEalt with a few of those in my time. Excellent ways to keep a youngun' occupied. Play dough... brings back memories:) You're doin' good darlin'.