Things That I Found

The girls and I cleaned out the attic of our old house.
Yesterday, I finally went through everything, cleaned and repacked it all.
Some favorite things.
Two Nancy Drew books.
One is going off to a friend that collects them.

And my Bobbsey twin books.
They will join others that I have found at yard sales on the  bookshelves.

And these cute little bunnies that I made in ceramics years ago.
Several other ceramic items were found also.
Shawnee, the decorating and fashion police of our family,
was a little dismayed that I would put these out.

Ceramic eggs.
Shelby loved these when she was little and I used them to potty train her.
She was allowed to play with them if she used the potty.
I think she needs them for Kendall.

A couple of table runners that my Mom made for me.

And my favorite book from when I was little.
Well worn, but glad that I have kept it.

A wool blanket that I pieced years ago.
I was using wool, when wool wasn't cool!

My grandmother's tea set.
Not all of the pieces have survived. 
It is so delicate.

Can you see the lady in the bottom of the cup?
It is repacked, a little safer.
Wish I knew what to do with it.
With five grandchildren under the age of five,
let's just say it is not going to be displayed any place safe in my house.

Some Christmas decorations that I painted,
dated 1996.
How do you like that wire across my floor.
We'll leave that explanation for another day, another post.

It was fun digging through stuff, long forgotten.
There were tons of Golden books, tons of Dr. Suess books, papers from years of school work of the girls.
There was china and dishes
and lots of junk.

What a good feeling to have that done!


acorn hollow said…
I too cleaned out things it does feel better. Nancy Drew is still popular. I run a used book store and I get asked for them all the time.
Oh I love all the old books. I have a set of the old Dick and Jane readers from way back when. I actually used them for my son while homeschooling. It was great seeing the pics, isn't funny what memories some things bring back.
Oh how simple life was and we didn't appreciate it. I barely have time to read the comics much less a book.
Sheila said…
You sure took a trip down memory lane. Wonderful books and treasures to time gone by. I especially love the details on the stocking you painted!
Have a wonderful day~
oh loved those books...loved the bobsy twins..and nancy the china and love the easter found some wonderful treasures.;) and a walk down memory lane too.;)
Balisha said…
You have some really cool things in your attic. Love the old books. I remember reading them years ago.
Eileen Bergen said…
What a wonderful trip down Memory Lane. I recognized the Nancy Drew covers instantly ...

... and I like the bunnies - regardless of what the fashion police think.

Bet the grandkids adore them too;-D
Meggie said…
Nancy Drew book sure bring back memories. My brothers and I are cleaning out my mother's house and we are finding similar treasures.