Another trip around the sun.

Today was my birthday. Fifty three years in, life is not getting any calmer. Why?

Today was also my driving day for dialysis...and my day to watch Kendall.  Not sure how that overlapping was going to work, but no time like the present to try it.   Kendall was not sure about riding in Nana's car. 
I debated. 
Would it be easier to convince the two year old to ride in Nana's car? or would it be easier to convince Nana to ride in my car? 
What a dilemma. 
Pros and Cons. 
 The two year old can't talk a lot, the 70 + year old has no problem voicing her opinion..repeatedly.  On the other hand, the twenty five mile trip with the two year old screaming might be just as bad as the 70+ year old "opinons". 
 What to do, what to do?

I strapped in the car seat and managed to bend the stiff as a board, screaming two year old into the seat. 
Such decisions in life. 
The two year old will forget, the 70+ year old has a good memory and will remind me more than a few times that I made her ride in my car. 
The two year old has already forgotten the screaming stiff as a board incident.

The day passed pretty uneventful, some shopping, some errands, a much needed haircut for me and a bangs trimming for Kendall, UNTIL, I get to dialysis to pick up my MIL and Kendall is pretty calm, smiling at people and charming them.  I get a call from Shawnee and while she is in the middle of a story, I see a man go in the rest room and come out and I smell POOP!  Really bad stinking up the whole waiting room.  He leaves and still it smells, Shawnee is still talking and still the waiting room smells and then I think, "Hey, that smell is getting worse, not better and it is stronger when Kendall is close."
Light bulb moment. 
 I cut Shawnee off, grab Kendall, go to the car and get a diaper and wipes, bring her back in, there is no place to change her, lay her halfway on a chair, change her trying to go fast so it is done BEFORE my MIL WALKS out. 
As I get the diaper off and trying to balance little turds in a diaper that are trying to roll out, my MIL is WHEELED out in a wheel chair (not normal so I know she is sick),
I look up, still balancing the turds and my phone starts playing Faithfully, by Journey, it's John....Kodak moment. 
Do I
a.) Answer the phone?
b.) Run to the bathroom and dump the turds?
c.) Help my MIL who is sick?
d.) Sit down on the floor and scream, "Happy Birthday to ME!"

Another one of THOSE days!


You should sing! God will bless you for being such a good person on your own special day. I'm a year older than you. Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday my Friend! What a funny should write a column somewhere besides here!! the visuals are killing me!!
patti :)
Sheila said…
Wow girlfriend what a day! Happy Birthday to you. Why don't you forget today was your b-day and start all over tomorrow? Sounds like you had quite the day. Should I tell you I was LMAO?!?!
Needed a laugh today, sorry it was at your expense.
Hope you get to do something fun this weekend.
Teresa said…
And yet you live to write about it.
A birthday to remember for sure.
Happy Birthday
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches
I'm sure thats not a birthday you will soon forget!
What a great story, You always seem to make me laugh.
I agree with Patti, you should write a column, you're good at it.
Hope your day was much better.
Happy Birthday!
Prim Blessings
NancyD said…
So sorry I missed your birthday!! Belated Happy Birthday!! Sounds like it was "interesting" for you... I really agree with the comment should be writing for some column somewhere your posts are always so much fun! Thanks for the laugh, hope your day today is better for you! :)
TheCrankyCrow said…
Happiest of belated birthdays!!! Oh - that's one of your funniest stories yet. I believe it must be your incredible gift of humor that makes you survive days everyone else would pull their hair out over. I agree - you should be writing columns somewhere...and getting paid well for doing so! Hugs & Smiles, Robin
luv2teek said…
Happy Belated Birthday Cathy! What a wild and crazy life you live! Hope you at least got to eat cake and ice cream...Bev
Catherine said…
A birthday to remember! I hope you had soem stress free time as well!
Yes, I certainly hope you got some yummy cake! Happy Belated Birthday! Mine was the 30th :) Hope you got to enjoy some sunshine as well!
Meggie said…
OMG! I didn't know whether to laugh or cry! I hope the rest of the day you were papmered like a princess. Belated birthday wishes.