Are the eggs cooked?

That is how I am now answering that question. 
Followed by;
How disorganized do you think I am?
It's been another one of those weeks.
Dead battery in my car.
SOMEONE hit the truck and dented in the side.
Tax day.
Still fighting the ants.
Finally mowing the grass.
Lots of t-shirts to print.
Dialysis driving day.
Battle with the common cold....or allergies.
Missed doctor's appointment.
Out of blood pressure medicine.
Out of thyroid medicine.
and still....
I managed to boil the eggs.
Well I did two dozen and then JWS thinking I didn't have enough,
did another two dozen.
Point is,
They were cooked and cooled in cartons in the fridge waiting to be dyed.
So yesterday is my day to drive to dialysis.
Shawnee has a doctor's appointment, I am going to drop my MIL at dialysis and go to Shawnee's and keep the girls until my Mom and Dad get there to take over and then I have to go back and pick up the dialysis patient and somewhere fit in some shopping both for me and the dialysis patient, pick up prescriptions for both me and my MIL, make a deposit...well you know the normal day.
So with a tote bag filled with 18 eggs, egg dye, a re-designed Easter hat to match Gracelyn's dress in tow,
I head to Shawnee's. 
But first,
My MIL says,
"Do you have the eggs boiled?"
Then my mother who is already at Shawnee's says,
"Do you have the eggs boiled?"
I want to say,
"NO, I have never colored eggs before and I am going to make a two year old and a three year old stand around for two hours while I boil and cool the eggs before we can color them."
But I say,
"Of course I do"
(sweetly, through gritted teeth)

We begin to color. 
Kendall thinks it is a carnival game and tries to see if she can pitch the eggs into the cups.
Gracelyn, ever the neat child that she is, carefully places the eggs and scolds Kendall for being messy.
Kendall laughs.
So much fun.
So much like their mothers were.

Leave there,
with my Dad in tow.
Head to Verizon,
get them a cell phone.
That will be a post in itself.
The training is still in progress.

Pick up the dialysis patient,
get her fed,
get her home,
unload the shopping,
back to work.
Customer at 4:00,
Leave work,
Have to get supper,
Jenn catches me in the driveway.
"The boys are waiting to color eggs, are you going to do that this evening?"
I say yes,
She says,
"Do you have the eggs boiled?"
"Yes, of course."
Supper and then I call the boys to come over.
My Mom says'
"Do you have more eggs cooked?"

This is seriously getting old.

Color eggs.
The boys have calmed down so much from last year.
They color eggs, they play for a little bit,
I tell them it is time to go home.
They THANK me for having them over to color eggs.
They run across the yard to their house holding hands.
I get teary-eyed.

I might just be tired.

More cell phone training.


My Mom and I start SEWING Easter presents for the kids.
Our Easter celebration is this evening.
More on that later also.

I get up this morning to walk with my friend, Dawn.

Halfway through the walk, I am relating the day to her.
When I get to the part about the eggs, she says...
"Did you already have the eggs cooked?"

I screamed.
It's early, wonder what people thought when they heard that?


Angela said…
Glad you HAD YOUR EGGS BOILED! (LOL)Mine are not. Will do it early in the morning. You have to be a strong lady to do as much in a day as you have to do. I wouldn't know which direction I was going. Hope you have a calm, relaxing Easter weekend. Blessings.
Connie said…
Glad to see you have the eggs done....took you long enough! ROFL
You and I sound so much alike - I have thyroid disease and high blood pressure too - not fun.

Hope you have a wonderful calm Easter :)
TheCrankyCrow said…
That's a hoot!! I was laughing tears by the time I got to the "second asking." (Wish my eggs were boiled...) ;o) Smiles & Hugs - Robin
Kathy said…
lol fun fun... glad you had the eggs boiled.. had mine boiled too and Chaya had to leave early so we had uncolored.. boiled eggs for breakfast... Happy Easter
Good evening, Cathy,
You just have to be the busiest person I know! We will be dying our hard cooked eggs tomorrow.

Anyway, not sure you know about my Etsy team should stop by and sign up!

Have a blessed Easter. ~Natalie