Twelve Days

No blogging.
Where did the time go?
Trying to rid my house of black ants.
Some funky painting.
Another battle with the ants.

Some funky stitching also.
Another ant battle.

Some of the weapons of the war.

The last of the bunnies.
And a few carrots.
Die, you stupid ants.

A different battle...
Several days of the flu.
and a little more stitching.

Some cleaning.
I know, maybe if I would do more of that I would not have the ants.
A wonderful surprise
My girls took me to see Mamma Mia for an early birthday present.
It was great!

Some more ant battles.
The first motorcycle ride of the year.

Nightmares about ants.

Spring early morning walking with a fun friend.
We walk before 6 AM with flashlights and talk and laugh! 
What fun!

JWS had a battle with the flu.

I fought some more ants.

Some rearranging of furniture.

And the ants.

I finally broke down and went to the hardware store today to buy ant spray.
I am not a huge spray chemical lover,
but I could not take it anymore.

The boys went along.
The hardware has a penny candy counter.

And now Tyler reads.
You ask why that would change anything?

Because he announces in his normal loud voice as he reads the can I set on the counter.


Quietly, I correct his reading and say,
"That word is roach."

And he says,


I was so proud of his ability to read until today!


KittyWampus said…
You have got to be absolutely, no doubt about it, one of the funniest people I've met in blogland! You're an absolute stitch! Thanks for the smiles! Robin
Hi Cathy,
Sorry to hear you were sick. Hope your feeling better.
I saw the Terro sitting there and that was my answer to the ants that we get, so you must have a bigger ant problem than that!!!! Did the spray take care of them?
Sprinkle some Amdro Ant powder around your house and you won't get them. I try to do it every year before the ants start. You can generally get it at Walmart. Good luck!
acorn hollow said…
Out of the mouths of babes. I have also used borax around the foundation of my house.
funny, funny, funny Cathy!! Loooove that penny pillow!!
patti :)
Robin said my words exactly...and I've said them here before.
What a treat you are - I love starting my day with a visit here and a good chuckle.

Your paintings are wonderful and love the penny pillow!

Eileen Bergen said…
Funny post, Cathy. You can make us laugh at just about anything.

You wanna hear a true ant nightmare?

When we were 1st married, we lived in a crummy garden apartment. Our bed was right under a window facing the parking lot.

One night we both woke up feeling something creepy crawly. Turned on the light ... streams of ants marching in through the window all over our bed.

Ewww, I can almost feel them thinking about it.