A mini crisis

I am aware of all the flooding issues in this country.
Or somewhat aware.
My morning news time has been interrupted for a few days.
So actually we should call this a micro, itty bitty, tiny, mini crisis.
It was enough to send JWS over the top.
Jenn and I laughed.
Perspective, JWS, PERSPECTIVE!!!

Yesterday AM, the rain came down,
The shop started to flood.
Boxes of shirts had to be moved,
Gracelyn ran.
See that calm, little boy in the background? 

All of a sudden we hear this pounding.
Pounding and Muffled Yelling.

We all head to the source of the sound.
Abandoning the water issue.

Closed door with Gracelyn standing outside it saying,
"It's Ok, Logan, don't cry,
You're not a baby,
you're a big boy and
big boys don't cry."

He had locked himself in the embroidery room.

Jenn went outside to the window to try to talk to him
I was outside the door trying to tell him how to unlock it.
JWS was gone.
I thought maybe gone like...
went out for a loaf of bread and never come back gone.

Calmly he came back with a screwdriver and jiggled the lock open.
Then he had his meltdown.

I think this life might be too much for him at times. 


Angela said…
So glad there was a happy ending and Logan was rescued saftely. WOW girl, do you EVER have a normal, uneventful day?? Love reading your blog about your daily adventures and your precious grandchildren. Have a blessed day.
Awww you gotta write that one down....poor honey!
LOL, never a dull moment huh???? lol
Great post.

And congratulations on the post below with the new baby...how wonderful for all.

rachel said…
Poor Logan! I bet he was traumatized!
lilraggedyangie said…
How funny , yet tragic ! Im sure he is not as amused as the rest of the world but , aren't kids great ! Enjoy your day , hope it is far less traumatic today! lol hugs lil raggedy angie
Denise said…
Crossing my fingers you didn't lose anything. What a mess.

Is Logan calm now? Gracelyn handled the crisis perfectly!
TheCrankyCrow said…
HOLY CATS!!! I'm with JWS on this one! YIKES!! If my life were half as crazy as yours, I'd spend it under the covers of my bed. Let them all think I'm nuts - whatever - it'd be worth it! Hope the clean up goes smoothly...Robin
oh gosh... I am glad everything turned out ok...
Laurie said…
Good Grief Kathy, it's always something isn't it? I'm glad he's ok, what a cute story! I hope sometime soon these rains stop!!
Debbie said…
I am so glad it all worked out. It makes you wonder what was going through his little head. Poor baby... glad you were able to rescue him and hopefully you got your flooding under control. I still haven't looked downstairs to see if the basement is totally dry yet. Its a dirt floor so hopefully its all been dried up now.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
Debbie K