Three Little Pigs

Another hectic week in. 
The theme for this one is
Three Little Pigs
Pork Fat Rules

How many gun raffles can you attend in one month?

Two gun raffles would be enough for one lifetime for me.
Let alone, two in a month.
Back to last Saturday,
John attends this huge,
how can you get any more redneck,
gun raffle
He looks forward to it like Christmas.
He asked me to go this year. 
Reluctantly, I said yes.
I mean after all,
He has endured
craft shows,
art fairs,
quilt shops,
and more.
It's only one day.
How bad can it be?
It was bad.
It was
sitting in a traffic jam for hours,
twelve hour layover in airport without your cell phone,
stuck in an elevator with smelly people
kind of bad.
I looked for the fun.
I tried.
Really, I did.
It just wasn't there.
And then the food.
Three types of pork.
Pulled Pork.
All excellent, mind you.
Two types of cabbage,
Sauerkraut and Coleslaw
and Potatoes.
Anyone want to venture what that menu does to your gastric system?
With only Port-A-Johns?
So I asked for the keys to the truck.
JWS informed me that he had a really good parking place.
Keys in hand and five feet away, I told him.
"You are about to lose that!"
I went shopping.
To places that have real bathrooms.

Shelby is having us for dinner for Mother's Day.
We sit down to eat.
I tell her
"It is very interesting that you managed to have BACON in THREE of your dishes!"
Broccoli Salad
Bacon Wrapped Wild Turkey Skewers
Baked Beans with Bacon.
Three more little pigs.

The Dayton Fair Gun Raffle
John is a manager.
We say Fair Father.
Which somehow makes me a Fair Mother, I think.
It left me serving food.
Any guesses on the menu?
Hot Sausage
Pulled Pork
Among other things.
Three More Little Pigs.

Then today,
Back to the fairgrounds to check things and pick up an extension cord we had left there

Dirty Roasters everywhere.
Another day spent with PIG,
Cleaning up.

I think we'll have chicken at our house this week.

And now...
The Rest of the Week.

Not in any particular order.
Yesterday AM
5K at the Armstrong County Memorial Hospital
This is my medal
Third in my age group! 
I initially thought that maybe there were only three in my age group but to my surprise,
there were quite a few.

Last Saturday, leave the gun raffle, purchases.
I found these handkerchiefs.
I think I am going to stitch them to these pillows.

Yesterday's yard sale purchases on the way home from the 5K.
Lots of bowls and plates to paint.

Another painting done.

And a bowl finished.

And these little bowl filler owls.
Easy and fun to make.

Watch for a tutorial coming soon!


Snort, snort, snort, too funny Cathy! They say everything comes in threes so you should be done with the pork for a while although there maybe one more gun show in your future!! Love the finishes as always and can't wait to see your new tutorial. Congratulations on the medal as well, 5K, I am impressed! Thanks for the laugh as always, Deb
Sheila said…
Cathy you sure have a way to keep me coming back for more! LMBO (a few snorts) and thinking to myself, "so glad I found this blog!" Congrats! for winning a medal too.
Can't wait to see what you paint next.
Hope you have a great week.

PS-hubs is watching "SWamp People"!!!! and I had to leave the room-what is it with these men of ours????
Well Cathy you've been ran in a 5K..I'm jealous and admittedly do not run anymore...I really should though now that I think about your plates and yard sale season!!
:) patti
Firecracker Kid said…
Hahaha... too much pig for one person to take! You po' gal:) You did give it your best though.
Congratulations on your race. My daughter runs in those events alot. Hopefully you ran off all the pork:)
I love pigs ~ but don't like to eat them.
Your creations are wonderful!
I'm with you, I hate myself when I agree to go to a gun show with my husband.
Congrats on your 5K!
Enjoy your chicken!
Prim Blessings