Artichokes and Walmart Chicken

I am going to start with the disclaimer that
I know that my car is a disaster.
There is still stuff in it from VBS.
It is like a treasure hunt in my tailgate.
Maybe this week, I'll get it cleaned out.
So now that I have cleared that up.
Jenn's car is so much worse than mine.
When she pulls in and opens the door, you never know what is going to fall out.
 You have the empty juice containers,
an occasional french fry,
any ball ranging from golf to beach.
Get the picture? 
When she loses something, I always ask if she checked her car.
Yesterday morning I rode to church with Dianna.
Her car is clean,
I rode home with Jenn.
I had to move the usual stuff to get in the passenger seat.
Her purse, understandable.
A notebook,
three weeks worth of Children's church papers and crafts,
a can of Copenhagen,
a golf putter,
an empty can of Mountain Dew,
and a produce bag filled with artichokes!
Then I turned around.
I thought I would try to name everything in the vehicle.
I moved one of the six sweatshirts I was counting and there it was...
something brownish and indistinguishable.
I jumped!
I was afraid to touch it.
She calmly reaches back and grabs it off the seat and takes a bite.
"Walmart chicken, it must have slid off the plate yesterday."
Always an adventure!

Some painting from the weekend.
Still need the fabric hangers.

And some coasters.

A bowl.

More ornies.

And this ornament.
Watch for the tutorial...coming soon.

And a bowl.

My yard sale finds.

I see grapes.

And this little guy.
This was Wyatt's first sleepover EVER!
He could not be more pleasant.
We had the nicest evening Saturday night and he never cried the entire time I had him.
What a happy baby!


Connie said…
Love all your finds! You are such a great painter. Very talented!

Wyatt is ADORABLE - what a cutie pie!
Hope you have a nice calm relaxing week. I know you must need it...hehe
Love it!
Our son's cars were always like that...I just don't get's like they use it as a trash can. Oh they soon learn and it does change as time goes on...keep hoping anyway.

Oh my goodness before I forget what a precious bundle of joy is that little Wyatt. He's adorable.

Beautiful painting and neat treasures.

Angela said…
Cathy, The car is too funny. My HOlly's car is always full of toys and things for Darbee Rae, but when she was teaching I think she stored half her classroom in there. Funny thing is her hubby is a neat freak when it comes to cars. Sure wish he would get hold of mine and do a detail job on it!!!
Little Wyatt is a doll. I actually told Holly about him staying over with you and that we should have started with Darbee when she was small and maybe she would stay now. She told me the other day she was soon to be 3 and she would stay with me when she was 20. (ha) Guess that gives me something to look forward to.
Love all your paintings. Wonderful job. Love the ornies with the song pages behind them. And all your finds. A wooden high chair was one thing I never found when Darbee was little. I so wanted one so that I could use for decorating when she out grew it. Love all your great finds. Have a great week.
I could spend all day looking at your paintings. You do such beautiful work.
Love the car story, with 2 kids, I can relate to a messy car. LOL
Great yard sale finds.
lilraggedyangie said…
O my chicken in the backseat I didnt know whether to giggle or be apawled that she took a bite! I love all that you have been working on so beautiful , you are such a talented artist! Your yard sales finds are great! and lil Wyatt is so precious , Im so glad you had a good week! Enjoy your day! hugs
lil raggedy angie
jennifer768 said…
Wyatt is adorable ! Love all of your painted goods !Beautiful work ,you are so talented.Hugs,Jen
TheCrankyCrow said…
When am I gonna learn not to be drinking coffee while reading your posts? Almost choked trying not to snort it all over....Too funny....but - arghh!!! She ATE it! I hope you called and checked in on her this morning to make she is still in the land of the living! And Cathy - your painting is exquisite!! I know I've said it before - but I'm saying it again - you truly have a gift...Love your finds - and that Wyatt is a sweetie!! Look out girls! Have a wonderful (chickenless) week... Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin
LOL! My truck is like that too Cathy! Seriously, I look forward to reading your posts to start my day off. You always make me laugh.
I agree with the other' truely have a gift...I so love your painting! Wyatt is adorable!