Contemplating our Retirement

Not from work, of course, just can't afford that in the near future.
From Recreation Director at VBS.
It has been close to 10 years that we have ran around with those kids.
Sure, they are fun, but we are getting old(er).
I struggle to come up with ideas.
Shawnee helped this year.
She had some great ideas.
I am tired,
it's the end of the week and we survived.
Coming home was a beautiful sunset.
This was what was left when I got home and grabbed my phone for a picture.

Suppose it was God's way of telling me
Keep buying beach balls, squirt guns and hula hoops,
I'll provide the sunsets.

Sign us up for another year!


acorn hollow said…
sounds like your thinking is done.
Angela said…
Beautiful pictures of the sunset. God sure has a way of getting to us , huh? The hard part is accepting his plans for us. Sounds like you did! I did Bible School at church for too many years to admit, but finally just decided to fill in if I was needed kinda like a sub. Holly came right along and is walking in my footsteps and for that I am so thankful. You have a wonderful weekend.
I think you have decided!

What a gorgeous sunset - love it.

jennifer768 said…
God has a wonderful way of persuading us .LOL! Beautiful sunset,now it is time for you to rest . Bless you.Hugs,Jen
Teresa said…
Sometimes the hardest word to say is "no". God only gives us what we can handle, many times we wish he didn't trust us so much.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches
TheCrankyCrow said…
Lovely interpretation of that beautiful sunset - and one I am sure the children and your parish are grateful for....I can only imagine the creativity and spirit you bring to the program....Have a wonderful weekend! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin
Beautiful sunset....I missed it!!!! I was working on my stone walkway and I live down in a little valley, so never get to see a sunset much, unless driving to Blairsville!!!
Denise said…
You'll know when it's time to 'retire' from VBS. Your doing good work with the kids - And that sunset is your reward. Good for you!