A Dozen or So Days

That's what have passed.
How can so much happen that quick.
Last time I posted, my monitor at work had broken.
Since then, our embroidery machine broke
the laptop that I use at home to update my blog...
Also broke.

It is back now.
All of My Pictures!
Hopefully, I don't make that mistake again in life.
Flash Drives,
Wouldn't you think that I would know better?

In addition to the "normal" chaos,
We have added in VBS
a trip to Ohio to paint the wall behind the baptistry in my Mom's church.

Remember the fish?
500 or so later, they were on the walls of our church.
Along with a backdrop painted for VBS.

The view of the baptistry through the window.

And from the 105 degree hole that I painted it from.

Some of the yard sale find plates.

And a box.

And a sheep.

I think that the boys must have had my camera at some point.

Some t-shirt yarn ready for a rug.

And a wool pillow.

Wool has been showing up at my house in garbage bags.
Two huge bags from a friend
a yard sale find bag from my mother
a sample pack from a friend of Mom's.
It is all just dumped on my sewing room floor, waiting to be cut and sorted.
Maybe next week.


The paintings are wonderful, your goodies are great, but those boys, he he...mine are 22 and 26 and they still hijack my camera occasionally and leave pictures just like those! Enjoy those little rascals!
Beautiful painting...(s). You are fantastic lady!

Lynn said…
Love all your cool finds, I love yard sales... the boys are just too cute and getting big! Have a great weekend!
Sheila said…
Hi there Cathy!
good to know you are still among the living! Wow, women you sure keep yourself busy. Love the VBS murial by the way. My favorite pics are of the kiddos though. Your new painted pieces are great too.
Hope you have a wonderful (uneventful) day ;-)
TheCrankyCrow said…
Love your paintings ~ they're wonderful!!! Especially that awesome box! How you find to do that is beyond me!! And, gee, wish those bags of wool knew my address!!! Lucky you! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin
Tam said…
Gorgeous paintings and I adore the yard sale plates but my favorite is the primmy sheep!
Hey Lady: I've missed you!! Sounds like you've been crazy busy....I'll be dropping somethin' in the mail for you soon...
jennifer768 said…
Gorgeous painting !Hugs,Jen