Flags, Corn, Flamingos and Snowmen

On Thursday, the worst day in an already bad week, I came home to find a package in the mail
with my name on it. 
I love surprises! 
These flags,

and this corn! 
An unexpected gift from Patti
I was so excited.
Thank you so much!!!!
The corn is perfect in this basket with the handkerchief that I found at an antique mall.

These snowmen were the only thing that I got painted this week.
We got Flocked.
Someone thought my yard needed a little dressing up and some color apparently.
Wonder where they will go next?

And to end the week.
Chores done for the morning, I am ready to craft!
What a great day, cool and rainy so I don't feel guilty about not being in the yard.
The house is the perfect temp.
JWS is away on a guy weekend.
And tonight...
Baby Wyatt is having his first sleepover! 
Cleaned my bedroom and set up the Pack and Play!


lilraggedyangie said…
Flocked? how funny , I mean not to you but to me Im sorry I giggled out loud even! Sorry You had a bad week, but glad to hear Patti brightened it up, she makes such great stuff,how cool is that corn!!! I love your lil buckets you got painted just darling! have a great weekend and enjoy your sleepover! hugs lil raggedy angie
Angela said…
Isn't it wierd, when you need a 'pick me up' then you get such a sweet package in the mail? Love the flags and the corn. Too cute.
Enjoy Baby Wyatt Wish we had started Darbee Rae sleeping over when she was a baby. She is 3 and still will not stay all night. Makes me sad. She would stay ALL day everyday but nighttime she wants to be with Mommy. That's okay but would love to have her spend the night. Have a great weekend.
Charmingdesigns said…
That corn is wonderful! Do you miss winter? painting snowmen lol.
jennifer768 said…
Sorry that you had a bad week.Love the goodies that Patti sent you.Hugs,Jen
TheCrankyCrow said…
How can you have a bad week when you got such a fun surprise in the mail and pink flamingos on your lawn? ;o) (NO....you don't need to explain - I know what one of YOUR weeks can be like - and I don't want to go THERE!!) ;o) I love the flags and the corn!! And you have both displayed so perfectly!! And your snowmen are adorable!! You are so very gifted my friend! Enjoy your day! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin
Love the goodies you recieved in the mail! How Sweet!
I Love your snowmen you painted. can't wait to see more.
Firecracker Kid said…
Aww, so sorry you had a bad week luv. I had half of a bad week. Patti sent you a wonderful lil pick me up package though. I love what you got!
Better next week, yes?
Lesley said…
Hi Cathy,
wow what a great pick me up to come home to. It was a grey day here and very cool but still nice to get outside for some fresh air.
Hope next week is better.
Love that corn, how cute is that? Love your buckets.
Thanks for dropping by and I have to get blogger to help me change over my email addy, that old one will be history soon. I want to be able to log into my blog without problems. Yeah right. LOL
Have a great sleepover with Wyatt.
Les xo
Hi Cath: I've been kinda outta the loop with a broken laptop...my itouch just doesn't do the same as fast...
Have a great week!