Is anyone else having problems posting comments?

Finally today, I made the rounds on some of my favorite blogs.  I visited most of my faithful commenters, really I did.  I signed in and commented.  It asked me to choose a profile.  I did and signed in again.  It took me back to my comment and then when I pushed the button...back to the sign in again.  What a vicious circle that was!  I tried signing with my normal email and tried signing in with my Google account.

Can anyone please help me? 


Angela said…
This has been happening to a lot of us lately. It helped me when it takes you to sign in, make sure you do NOT check the keep signed in box. Don't know what it did, but then I could comment. A sweet blogging friend told me that it worked for her and I tried it and it was working for me. Give that a try and hopefully it will help you too. Have a great evening.
Gosh, many, many of us have been having this problem.
We have found that if you keep yourself SIGNED OUT then it will work.
Try it and see how that works.
Teresa said…
I had the same problem and was told to unclick the keep signed in box when you sign into google. This has made all the difference for me.
Teresa's Heartful Stitches
michelle said…
Whe you go to sign in ,dont check the box that asks you to stay signed in .That should work sweetie.Big hugs michelle
TheCrankyCrow said…
Hey Tweetie Pie -
This has been going around for a while....It's a Blogger interface issue....I posted some work-arounds that worked for me on my blog a while ago:
Make sure you read to the bottom though, as the simplest fix is the one about signing out and signing back in again (if it works for you) as the others above have indicated......
Good luck....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin
Good Morning,
This is a test...let's see if I can leave a comment here...

I hope you had a wonderful father's day with all of your grandbabies here. Have a marvelous Monday ~Natalie
acorn hollow said…
knock on wood but no issues yet. I went back and read a few posts that I miss I laughed about stage fright. and good finds at yard sales good wooden things.
Sheila said…
when you were MIA for a while, I think that's when everyone was having trouble with commenting. I could have pulled my hair out! Anyway, like the gals are saying if you leave the box unchecked for staying signed in it may work. It did for me and what a relief!
Kind of made us all crazy for a bit ;-)