Progressive Stage Fright

See that cute little blonde next to Logan?
Make sure that you look at the brown pants.
Gracelyn started out ok at the VBS program.
And then...

She must have see the crowd.
See that little bit of brown to the left of Logan's right knee?

This is where she ended up.
To her credit, she did not run and  cry, she just hid behind all the kids.
When it was over, she calmly stood up and walked off the stage.
I don't see show business in her future.

However, this one, in the blue shirt...
He LOVES an audience!

These were my yard sale finds from Friday AM.
Great finds!

These towels arrived in the mail the other day.
They are from Williams and Sonoma.
Shelby sent them to me. 
She uses them and they are so absorbent.
What a nice surprise!

I have to go on the record and thank my girls this week.
Shelby, of course for the towels.
Jennifer for making all my food that I volunteered for on Friday.
Dianna for staying and helping me take down the 500 fish on the wall at the church and for bringing buns for the food that I volunteered to make.
Shawnee for bringing potatoes for the food I volunteered to make also, (seeing a pattern here?)
and for helping me decorate and un-decorate the church.
I have the best daughters, EVER!!!!


LibbiesHome said…
Great VBS story. :)
What a haul from the yard sales - and all for only $17 !! I want to go to the yard sales in your area! Can't wait to see some of that wooden ware painted by you. :)
Denise said…
That poor child. Just makes you want to give her a hug.

What are you going to do with all your treasures? You made out like a bandit!

I've heard about WS towels - yummy. And thank goodness for daughters who help!
dee begg said…
Too funny! And she probably isn't shy at all is she? Nice yard sale finds.

TheCrankyCrow said…
Awwww....the Gracelyn story is one of the funniest and sweetest things I've heard in a while....Can't believe you caught it in pictures!! Awesome yardsale finds!!! Yikes - girl - that should keep you busy for a day or so! And yea for your daughters!! Glad they came through for you....Wish I had one!!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin
Teresa said…
I miss going to VBS performances. Never had one like yours. Love your new treasures.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches
What an adorable story.
Kids can put a big smile on your face without even trying.
jennifer768 said…
What a sweet story ! Gosh ,but you found a lot of wonderful things at the yard sale .Hugs,Jen
What a funny story! You make me smile everytime I read your posts.

Awesome finds! Can't wait to see some more of your painted items Love your work!
Lisa said…
Cathy, the yard sale items even look better in the picture!....have lots left if you want more...looking forward to see them painted :) thanks, again. Lisa