The start of a day...and a pony ride

Today is not starting well.

        My morning walk was great, other than the deer flies!
Things went slightly haywire after that.
JWS had paper work that needed done...quickly.

Work had to start earlier because of that.
He was standing over my shoulder.

But before that...

I drove over a football trying to get out of the garage.

I get to work and realize I have no keys.

I crawl in the window.

(An easy task if you are let's say, under 20 and thin.)

I go back outside to get the
aforementioned paper work,
my phone and
my purse out of my car...


Back through the aforementioned window AGAIN!

Should I just go back to bed now?

Yesterday, we took Gracelyn for a pony ride.

My friend, Carol has this very nice little pony.

Gracelyn was excited.

She LOVES horses,


Maybe in that order.
she did want to ride the pink one.
I think she thought it was a merry-go-round.

She really liked the chickens.

And this is Gavin, Carol's grandson.
He was so kind and helpful to Gracelyn.
What a nice young boy!

He showed her how to feed the horses hay.

And Garren?
He just chilled out in the grass.

Perfect day for a happy little girl!
Thank you, Carol! 


Wonderful pics of the children ~ so very cute!!!
If I were you I would of went back to bed~ lol
TheCrankyCrow said…
Snicker, snicker....At least you're not 8 months pregnant to boot (that's what I was when I had to crawl through the very small back window of a Datsun 280ZX when I locked my keys inside....I feel your pain...but must say, I didn't ever do it again...let alone in the same day...) ;o) Gracelyn and Garren are adorable!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin
Adorable children...Love the pictures!
jennifer768 said…
Cute pics of the kids !Are you sure that today isn't Monday ? That is a rough day.Big hugs,Jen
Lesley said…
Oh my your day started out terrible Cathy. You might want to put that key around your neck so you won't lock it in the car again.
I love the pic of Gracely, my goodness she is really growing. I bet she had a ball. Your friend and he grandson were most helpful and generous. A good day was had by Gracely anyways. LOL
Les xo