Weekend Update

What a great weekend!
Every year as soon as VBS is over, I say my summer begins.
Regular weeks.
Not fall into bed from exhaustion, get up and do it again weeks.
Time for yard work, painting and clean clothes!
Not dig to the bottom of the sock and underwear drawer hoping that there is still something clean,
actually having clean things in the drawer ready and waiting.
We got fresh chickens on Saturday and I roasted two of them Saturday afternoon.
Saturday AM was spent in the yard.
Cleaning out flower beds.

Lavender in full bloom, smells so good!

But this stuff...does anyone know what it is? 
It smells terrible, but is so pretty and is a great ground cover.

Love these lilies!
They really need separated though.

These are some of my favorites also.

And this rooster, that I think has just reached the right patina...
JWS commented that I need to give it a coat of paint.
How long has he known me?

These are at the end of our driveway.
Gracelyn calls them her castles.
Amazing what the eyes of a child sees.  I
I wish that they were not so close to the road, she would have a blast playing Barbie's in them.

Not sure why this is so washed out looking.
Camera setting?

Normally I have impatiens in these planters, but decided to try something different this year.

And this thing that I keep thinking probably needs trimmed, sure gives a lot of privacy to the porch.

More lilies.

And then on Sunday afternoon, I painted.
The girls took their dad to lunch,
I won't celebrate with my Dad until later.
He was in Michigan at the NASCAR race.

And more painting...

And more.

What a great, relaxing weekend.

Laughs of the weekend were provided by Shawnee.
First of all, on Friday night at church everyone kept commenting on how much Garren looks like
Shawnee's father in law.
And he does.
Shawnee's comment?
"Yes and that is a little disturbing when I go to breast feed him."

Then yesterday, I get this text.
"Well it happened, I left them alone for less than two minutes and I come back and Garren has lip gloss on!"

That little boy has a rough road ahead with his Princess Sister!


Teresa said…
Love the pictures of your yard and your tole paintings.
With a older cousin and big sister my son was always being dressed up, he is now in the Air Force.
Garren will be just fine lip gloss never hurt anyone.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches
Whew, glad that's over huh? You are certainly one dedicated person I will say that. I think you have hung on to the VBS position longer than most.

Beautiful flowers - I always love seeing other peoples flowers being I don't have many because of all the shade.

And - beautiful painting

your painting is so nice. I love it all. Shawnee's story is so funny, Poor Garren, pretty soon Princess will have him dressed up in some pretty dresses...LOL just too cute.
Have a great week
TheCrankyCrow said…
Well, we certainly know where Shawnee gets her wit from!! ;o) Beautiful yard - wow!! Everything just looks so lush and healthy....Love the "castles" and the wonderful gate. And I gotta say - your painting is awesome!! I find it amusing, though, that you find it relaxing....I used to do rosemaling and some other folk painting....it was not relaxing for me or anyone around me!! Have a wonderful week! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin
acorn hollow said…
wonderful gardens I have no idea what that plant is. Cute lip gloss story:0)
I love you pieces you painted.
Angela said…
Wonderful Pictures. Love all the flowers and pictures of your landscape. You do a great job painting. Would love to have gotten that talent. Thanks for sharing. I love it when I get to visit. Have a great week ahead. Enjoy time relaxing. Our VBS is in 2 weeks.
jennifer768 said…
Love the pics of your yard and plants.I believe that the second pic is of a Chinese herb.I will remember the name of it sometime when it doesn't matter.LOL! You are right it smells horrible.Great painting!Hugs,Jen
Kathy said…
Great pics Cathy... no clue as to what that plant is.. Shawnee's comment is too cute.. love all the things you've painted.. lol poor Garren.. there's so much more to come... have a great day!!