And one LAST snippet for the week.

Still some green stuff around my yard.
Diligent watering.

And this is what some of my impatiens look like....

And this is what others look like!
Need to work on those a little bit today.

And my day is ready.
A fun list, with a cup of coffee.
Big thing on the list?
Catch up on all my blog friends! 
What a great day this is going to be!

And one last snippet from the week.
Yesterday was hot, the hottest I think I have ever experienced.
The temp on the bank sign said 112 degrees.
It might read a little high, but I have never seen it that high.

Of course,
I had a cattle trailer to letter.
We do vinyl signs and vehicle graphics along with screenprinting and embroidery.
This was an off-site job.
We have no place to put a cattle trailer
it was too hot to do it in the driveway.
I would have baked,

I go to the place the cattle trailer is parked.
A sort of garage/barn.
I don't take a ladder.
Surely they will have a ladder
or even a five gallon bucket I can flip over.

I search.
All the five gallon buckets are filled with various grains, feed and other "stuff"
Finally, I find this old wooden, rickety step ladder.
I'll be careful.
I don't want to drive back home to get my SAFE ladder.
I get started.
It is hot.
Two Amish looking dogs are there to greet me.
(This is not an Amish farm, but they have Amish looking dogs)
One is growling.
"Cute puppy, be nice, see I am petting your friend and he/she likes me."
Still growling.
I take the "ignore it, he/she will go away"
That seems to work.
I hear another noise.
Upon closer inspection, it's a goat. 
That one is in a pen, thank goodness.

Now, you might be thinking that this story is going to involve,
falling off the ladder,
a dog bite,
an incident with a goat.

Believe me, all those incidents were running through my mind.
Not to mention the sweating.
The sweat is dripping in my eyes and burning.
Dripping off the end of my nose,
running down my back,
the front of my shirt is soaked
we are not even going to mention the dampness
from the waist down.

It was really hot.

I hear a diesel pick-up pull in.
Who could that be and do I really want anyone to see me right now?
It is our friend, the carpenter.
Big, burly mountain man of a guy.

After the normal greetings he says,
"Are you a nurse?"
I am scared.
Scared of where this is going.
"Of course, I am not a nurse, if I was, I wouldn't be hanging for dear life off this rickety step ladder
in 112 degree heat, sticking letters on a cattle trailer with Amish dogs growling and I think mating beneath me, a goat in the background protesting and me, sweating profusely from every pore in my body."

Maybe a "NO" would have sufficed.
It's the heat.

And then the dreaded next statement.

"Would you take a look at this rash for me?"

I sized him up (I think that was the point I actually fell of the ladder),
I assessed his sweat level
cautiously asked where the rash was located.

He rolls down his sock.

My diagnosis.

Maybe you should go to the ER.

And at that point.

I was thankful I was not a nurse!


LibbiesHome said…
Words fail... Thanks for starting my day with yet another laugh. Though I am beginning to think I am not a nice person the way I laugh at your escapades. Sorry. Really.
I hope today is cooler, calmer, and of course, rash free. :D
Catherine said…
Oh my gosh!! Really?? Eeeeewwwwww!! Too funny! I'm just thankful there was no falling or biting!
Hope your weekend is peaceful - you deserve it!
Angela said…
Okay yes I was wondering where you were going with this one, but ya know what caught my interest? A look alike Amish dog. You know my interest in Amish and the Mennonites from my last post, but I failed to see an Amish dog on my travels. What is the difference? (giggle) Need to be able to spot one the next time I visit a commnity. (ha)
You have a great weekend, stay out of trouble, stay cool, and store all those cute family memories in your brain for more smiles for us next week. Have a good one. Thanks for the smile.
Kim said…
I know the heat wave is not funny but that story is a hoot. Be grateful all he did was roll down a sock. :)
acorn hollow said…
well that is pretty funny. who asks you to look at a rash except husband or kids?
thanks for the girn
NancyD said…
Another belly laugh to start my day! Wish there was a "LIKE" button to hit on the other comments, they said it all too well! What an experience! Hope the rest of your weekend goes by better, cooler, and rash-less! lol
Lynn said…
I just want to say Thank you, I have been reading your blogs this summer. I found your blog by going to Bumble Bee Lane blog and then clicking on another blog and so on. I have had the best time reading about all of your adventures. I love your prim home. I hope that we will be online friends. I look forward to getting to know you better.
TheCrankyCrow said…
Oh my heck!! Only you dear Cathy....only you. What is it about you that attracts strange and bizarre occurrences?? And, yes, I snorted once again - I truly didn't think you'd follow up yesterday's post with another snort-inducing post....And, ok - I'll bite....what does an Amish-looking dog look like??? Have a great (rashfree) weekend! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin
You must have had your nurses cap on for him to ask you. Can't imagine. Yes, only you, Cathy!!!!
Hope you had a relaxing day today.

Sheila said…
I want to know too. Just what defines "an Amish dog?" I'm almost afraid of the answer! LOL

Can't wait for your next post.