Bats, Green Apples and the Teeter Totter Saga

Those of you who stop here regularly know that I walk in the morning.
Very early.
Normally we leave a 5:30 AM.
Due to some unforeseen circumstances,
which could be only explained in an anonymous blog,
we had to leave earlier.
My friend Dawn and I go together,
We talk,
and laugh,
and although I have not lost any weight,
we justify this social time as exercise.
Due to the earlier departure and the shortening of the days,
Yesterday we encountered BATS again.
You see, we dealt with them earlier in the spring,
but with the longer days,
it was light and we haven't seen them for a few months.
Now, this is not a city walk.
This is a great nature walk.
We see
an occasional raccoon
goats, geese, ducks and a turkey,
(those are all in a fence together)
lots of deer.
We are even prepared to see a bear some morning.
Haven't seen one yet, but we are prepared.
But is was the green apple that did us in.
Early in the walk yesterday,
we were jumpy.
Swooping bats,
I am telling Dawn about having mice in my house right now.
In July!
I am blaming on JWS for mowing everything in sight. 
He has disrupted their habitats.
We were analyzing this phenomenom when Dawn SCREAMED!
Wake up everyone within a half mile radius SCREAM!

green apple

The power of suggestion.

We laughed.
Bent over, ab hurting, laughing.

What a great way to start the day!

Yard sale finds this week.
Love this basket!
It was 25 cents.
My list for today includes decorating with this somewhere.

T-shirt yarn rug that I am making for The Neighbors.

Tuesday night painting at the fair.
This had been painted quite a few years ago
was needing refreshed.
Finished it up Tuesday night by my car headlights.
Better add varnishing it to my list for today.

And the
Saga of the Teeter Totter.
Gracelyn likes the teeter totter.
(Happy smiling blonde on the left)
Kendall does not.
(unhappy little girl on the right)

Kendall preparing for her dismount despite the movement of the teeter totter.

Now this little girl is not happy.
And Kendall is off to slide.

Gracelyn wants Garren to teeter-totter with her.
But even Garren didn't want to oblige.

A truce was made.
If only all of life's problems were solved so easily.

And this little boy..
is obviously not going to be the
delicate flower
that his sister is.
He is growing so fast!

And a rare pic of me!


Sheila said…
Your morning walks sound like quite the adventures!
What adorable grandbabies you have too! That little one has such kissable cheeks-bet he gets a lot of that.
Nice pic of you Grandma ;-)
Have a wonderful weekend.
Angela said…
Those early morning walks sounds pretty interesting. Being prepared for a bear,,,, and then a scary green apple.,,, to funny. Wonder if that apple was trying to tell ya something?(ha) Great job on the painting. Yep, those mice came in from the field hubby mowed to use for parking. Poor little things have no where to live. But I had rather see a bear than a mouse in my house!!! They terrify me. They can really make this fat lady move fast if I see one. (giggle)
Those grand are so cute. At least they found common ground huh? Great picture of you and Garren. Yep, not too long from now and he'll be telling those little girls just what to do. Have a great day
Teresa said…
So how does one prepare for a bear?
Always enjoy your stories.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches
lilraggedyangie said…
so glad that green apple didnt eat you girls alive! lol What an adventure bet your tickers were working good after all that ! lol Love the granbabies they are precious , I agree if life was one giant sandbox it would be much simpler and pleasant! lol Nice pic of you that lil boy has some super squeezing cheeks! Enjoy your weekend!hugs lil raggedy angie
Awww! Your grandchildren are so adorable! Love your new paintings..
Your walks sound adventureous... too funny! Great picture of you!
What a great story ~ I can picture it in my mind. I'm sorry I can't stop laughing. Instead of a bear be prepared for the green apple!!!
Your grandbabies are adorable!
Have a great weekend!
Prim Blessings
TheCrankyCrow said…
That is HILARIOUS!! I have visions of your being like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz walking through the haunted forest and the trees throwing apples at you and the scarecrow....I mean Dawn!! Love it! (Sure those were bats and not flying monkeys???) ;o) Love the photo of you and Garren!!! Don't know who's sweeter! Have a wonderful day!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin
Barb said…
Hi Cathy,
What a hysterical story!! Sounds like something that would set me off too. Giggling all the way.
You are way to young to have grandkids...I had to do a double take and reread that you are a grandma. You are a young beautiful grandma!!
Enjoy your day and grand kids,
Yah, what's up with the mice. We have one determined to build a nest in the grill!!!! And we caught one in the basement a couple of weeks ago!!!! And we haven't mowed any grass for a parking lot!!!! lol
Cute pic of you and Garren. Too funny about the girls.

ohiofarmgirl said…
Laughing is such good medicine...enjoy your walks. Too funny! Dianntha
awwww Gramma...thought you were the Momma for a second! :)
Sounds like a great walk!
Catherine said…
I can't stop laughing about the green apple!!

What adorable grandbabies you have - and great pic of you!!
Jenny said…
Loved this post so much! The tale of the walks (one of my favorite pasttimes :) and the lovely find coupled with your beautiful present for the neighbors ... quite an uplifting visit - thank you! :)