Belated Father's Day post.

This is my dad, with my granddaughters a few weeks ago.
He was away at Father's Day and we didn't get to spend the traditional day together,
We get to spend other time together and I have never been a huge
'have to spend the actual holiday together' person anyway.

Dad wood carves.
The girls are just old enough now to find it fascinating.
There was no posing,
they were truly captivated watching him.

So this post will be
Things I Learned from my DAD!
Belated for Father's Day.
My dad was the most patient teacher of anything.
He let me make mistakes and was never too busy to stop and teach you anything that he was doing. 
He never just did it himself because it was faster.
He let you make mistakes,
He let you learn from your mistakes.
Sometimes he even let us and others get injured in the process.
But we learned.
My sister and I learned to:
Pop Rivet
Strip Wallpaper
Patch holes
Change Tires
Replace a Car Radio
Change oil
Run power tools
Change spark plugs
Check our tires
(the driving thing almost did him in, he finally turned that over to our mother)
and even a little wood carving.
Getting the picture?
We had no brothers.
He prepared us for life.
But most of all, he had the patience to work with us and let us try anything.
He taught us that you can do anything you put your mind to.
Thanks Dad!
You taught your grand-daughters some of those same values and skills.
I am truly blessed that you are around for your
Great Grand-daughters
and now a great grandson!
I don't think that they need a knife just yet though.


Connie said…
He sounds like a wonderful man. It's amazing how much we can teach and learn with a little patience. I was always wanting to do it all myself when my girls were growing up because it WAS faster and easier, but I find I'm not so much like that with Granddaughter Hailie. I have more patience with her and she will probably know how to do more things than my own girls because of it.

Have a great night and thanks for sharing with us.
rachel said…
Such a sweet post! Your dad sounds like an amazing man!
Catherine said…
What a wonderful tribute to your father! That picture is so sweet!!
acorn hollow said…
what a wonderful dad I love the picture so sweet.
jennifer768 said…
What a wonderful and thoughtful post! Your Dad sounds like a great man.Patience is something we all need more of in our lives.Thanks for sharing .Hugs,Jen
what a priceless snapshot...would look great in sepia or B&W to...framed...
What a very special Daddy you have!
patti ;)
TheCrankyCrow said…
Ok...this time you didn't make me brought tears to my eyes...Enough said...Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin
Great post! Your Dad sounds like a loving and caring person.
But why do Moms always have to teach the driving?
Love the picture ~ Cute!!!
Prim Blessings
You are SO LUCKY to have such a wonderful dad and granfather to your children!

Wonderful post!
Summer Blessings,
Sheila said…
How lucky you are Cathy to have such a wonderful Dad! Loved reading your post about him.
Courtney said…
Robin at the Cranky Crow sent me over! Love your blog. What a lovely post about your father. I lost my dad when I was young. I'm blessed with a wonderful father-in-law!
Lesley said…
That is a wonderful post Cathy.
God Bless your Dad.