Concert, Yard Sales and a Pop-Up Camper Contest

What a great start to the weekend!
JWS and I attended a concert with some friends on Friday night at a local fair.
The Clarks are a western Pennsylvania band that will be playing at our fair this year.
If you have not heard of them, check them out
It was a great show and a great evening with friends.

Saturday AM we were up and on our way to some yard sales and then headed to a radio show contest
for a pop-up camper.
Thirty miles or so into the trip, we realized that we did not have the paperwork for the contest and had to go home to get it.
A little wrinkle in the plans,
but a nice ride anyway.
I found the game pieces shown above.

And this cooler and vase.

A nice old suitcase.

Dad found these spools for me.

A friend sent these home with Jenn for me to paint.
They took a little while to appear at my house.
They were in her car.
Go back about two posts to read about her car and that will make sense!

Another painted project. 
I'll add greens and filler stuff closer to the open house.

Two days now to rest and relax.
Tomorrow is our annual trim the shrubs day at our house.
Exciting holiday!

Hope that all of you are having a great holiday weekend!


TheCrankyCrow said…
How, exactly, does trimming the shrubs tie in with 2 days of rest and relaxation?? You have a strange concept of relaxing friend! ;o) Love your finds - especially the old suitcase...Think I could fill my house with those! Love your little painted tote too - bet that's going to be sweet all done up....(And, so - did you win the camper contest??) Have a wonderful (and relaxing!) holiday!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin
lilraggedyangie said…
That suitcase is awesome, all in all really great new treasures! I agree with Robin how do you relax and trim the shrubs? lol Hope you have a very Happy 4th!hugs lil raggedy angie
You have had one fun weekend.
Great the plaid cooler.

jennifer768 said…
Love your work ! Great finds! Hugs,Jen
I love that plaid cooler..what great finds! ♥