Doo, Doo, Doo, lookin' out my front door

This was the view from my front door last night.
JWS looks like he is enjoying going back to his farmer roots.
Even if the tractor is RED.

He is just happily mowing the field across from our house.

Getting ready for the fair.

You see, on Friday and Saturday night of the fair,
this will be a parking lot.
Such a peaceful sight the other 363 days of the year.
But for two nights,
this will be packed full of cars.
And it will be mowed nice and tidy for them.

Found this vintage dish towel the other night on my way home from Indiana.
You see, a trip to the doctor Tuesday afternoon
confirmed what our resident medical assistant, Shawnee
had been telling me all along.
Plantar Fasciitis.
(had to google that to spell it right)
Exercise it and don't quit walking.
Movement is life.
(Shawnee also quotes that regularly)
On my way home from the doctor,
I slipped into
Denise's Antiques
I looked for a website to link here but there is nothing.
I love this place, but don't seem to be able to get there when they are open.
If you are in the area, slide in there and look around,
there is something for everyone.
I started home.
I needed to be home and at the fairgrounds by 6:30.
I had work,
I thought that I had people coming.
Headache starting.
I have not had much to eat today and not hardly any water.
I stop at a little store that I have only been at one other time.
I get my water.
A protein bar.
That should fix me up for the rest of the 20+ miles home and into the work evening.
Outside and I look to my right and there is our Fair President and his Fair Secretary wife. 
Mr. RK and Mrs. RK.
I roll down the window,
allowing the intense heat in.
"Do you have jumper cables?"
says Mr. RK.
I think that I see Mrs. RK roll her eyes.
They are broke down.
He is having issues.
She had to pick him up at the doctors and leave a vehicle there.
They have a fair meeting at 7.
They are NOT having a good day.
Find a jump.
That doesn't work.
Finally we push the 900 degree vehicle out of the way
I load up Mr. and Mrs. RK
and take them to their house.
(If anyone is counting, 
now they have two stranded vehicles.)  
It was as if I was
Air Force One.
Air Force Two.

Or that helicopter that takes the President to special meetings.

Where did that protein bar go?

I painted at the fair all evening.
I finished by the light of my headlights.
I'll get pics later of that project.

The Fair..
is consuming what little life we had left.

But a preview of the upcoming giveaway.

I am nearing 500 posts.
That's a lot of talking!
This is going to be part of the giveaway.
Painted on both sides.

Love that turnaround stuff for holidays.
No need to drag stuff out of the attic!

Watch for it.
Just a few more posts.


LibbiesHome said…
Man, you do some livin'!!
Quick idea for some relief for the plantar fasciitis (had to go back to see how you spelled it): Freeze water in a pop or water bottle, then put your foot on it once it's frozen. Won't cure it, but has provided some measure of relief for my husband in the past. Also rolling a tennis ball under your foot to stretch that arch tendon has helped. He swears that foot rubs provided by me are the only real relief but I'm suspicious... :) Have a great day!
Angela said…
Girl, I have got to stop reading your post early in the morning. You make me Tired before my day begins,,,, And if I wait until evening, I think, wow, she can get so much done, what's wrong with me! (giggle) I need some of your vitimans! You have a good day,,,, I'm sure it will be interesting. But take care of yourself my friend
Connie said…
What a busy busy life! I know I wouldn't be able to keep up with you...LOL

Love that washboard...both sides :)

Have a great week!
wow do you charge per car to park in the field? for the fascititis...get yourself some birkenstock sandals to wear around the should not go DH wears them all the the washboard.
Catherine said…
Phew! You have so much going on!! I do hope you find some relief for your feet!

You had me with the sheep on that washboard - and now look what you have done!! Adorable snowmen too! My heart is fluttering again! ;)
WOW! You have a lot to do and lots to look forward to! Hope things go smoother the next few days! I love the tractor and seeing big fields of grass! We see scenery like that here in NC! Very sweet dishtowel you found, too! I can't wait to go shopping at the little shops around here! ♥
Wow! You have a busy life...but I just LOVE reading your posts....I also heard that the Birkenstock shoes are good...
Oh, I so LOVE the washboard! Another wonderful creation that you've painted. Have a wonderful weekend!
Teresa said…
Wow your days always amaze me. I had the same foot problem they gave me a cortizone (I don't know how you spell it) shot in it and I have not had any more problems. I tried the insoles they suggested but I like wearing sandals. Good luck I know it hurts. Have fun at the fair.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches
Sheila said…
I'm thinking there is never a dull moment in your life Cathy!
Glad you found out what was wrong with your foot. Not fun as I've had it myself.
AND, I LOVE that washboard!!!!
Hope you are having a great day.
TheCrankyCrow said…
Great view out your front door! (And what's wrong with a "red" tractor?? I'm kinda partial to them myself!) Glad you got yourself in to see a dr for your foot....ouch...sounds painful...But I guess it's a good thing that the treatment is movement, rather than not use it because I suspect that would be next to impossible for you Girl!! Enjoy (ha!) the fair!! Smiles && Hugs ~ Robin
TheCrankyCrow said…
PS...I adore that little washboard!! How SWEET!! (And I'm all for the "double duty" stuff!!) :o) Robin
jennifer768 said…
Wow you are a busy ,busy lady!Glad you could rescue Mr.and Mrs.RK ! Love the red tractor but the fair parking I could do with out.Hope your foot feels better soon . Great washboard,love the fact it is reversible.Hugs,Jen