Let's go shopping!

On my way home from town today,
I decided to take pictures of the local shop signs along the way.
For those of you who might be local reading this,
they loaded backwards,
so this would actually be on my way to town.
right here you can buy your veggies.

Nite Crawlers
Pine and Hemlock
(The spell checker should love this post!)

And lots of furniture signs.

Some goodies,
but only two days a week.

A lovely picnic area to enjoy them.

More furniture,
more firewood,
if you look close in the mirror,
me taking the picture.

More furniture and cabinets.

And a peaceful windmill scene.

Too lazy to get out of the car for this one.

How about the little frame on this one?

And RED on this sign,
completely against Amish rules.

Is Bandsawed a word in Dutch?
It is used a lot.

How about the apostrophe on this?
Wonder what the quilts own?

And this one, a little different is doing gutters.

His and hers.
Furniture AND Baked goods.

Love this canvas one. 
It is actually painted on a piece of canvas.
And another rebel.
Blue and White.

They were having church at this house. 
This one must have been late because he was not parked with the rest of them.
looking for a fast getaway.

Talk about overkill on the sign post!

Thanks for coming along on my shopping run.
Anyone need any rustic furniture?
C'mon over! 


Teresa said…
Next Friday or Saturday stop and get some baked goods. I like whoppie pies.
Once again a smile was brought to my face.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches
Angela said…
Oh My!!! Did you do this post just for me??? You know already my love for the Amish and their simple way of life. Such amazing pictures and how fortunate you are to view these signs of country simplicity on a regular outing into town. You have to live in a most perfect part of the country. We drove hours to see such pictures. Thanks so much for sharing a part of your daily trips into town. Enjoyed riding along on this one with you.
very nice Cath: I'm going back up to Middleport/Lyndonville, NY...more antique shopping and amish stops too.
Cute post!
What a wonderful idea to take pics of all the signs! I'll have to remember that!!!
Nope don't need any rustic furniture!
Have a wonderful week!
Prim Blessings
Firecracker Kid said…
Now that's a lot of signs. Folks trying to make a living I guess. The colored ones are breaking the rules huh? Interesting:)
Courtney said…
I really enjoyed this tour. I haven't been out to PA in years. My mom went to nursing school out there when I was just graduating college. It's beautiful. I'd love to plan a road trip. Thanks for taking us through the neighborhood!
Connie said…
You're so lucky to live in an area where everything is sold like that. I bet you can get some great deals. South western Ontario is like that too. There are a lot of Mennonites there and I love going in the Fall and stopping at their homes for fresh produce!
TheCrankyCrow said…
WooHoo!! That's a lot of shopping before you even GET to town. Good thing I don't live in those parts - I'd go in for groceries and not return for weeks!! ;o) Loved it!! Hope your week is off to a good start! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin
jennifer768 said…
Now this was a fun post ! Thanks for sharing it .Hugs,Jen