MORE Entertainment & Skinny Dipping Amish

Friends called last night and invited us on a ride.
Perfect timing.
There has been considerable talk in our house lately
trading at least one Harley for one of these.

They have two, so it was a perfect chance to see if we would like it.
What fun! 
As for me, my decision is made.
Sell the bike(s)!

At one point we came across a horse and buggy in the woods,
and when we dropped down to the creek...
Skinny dipping Amish!
Clothes in the foreground,
See his head sticking out of the water?

Great scenery everywhere.
Who know that there were that many trails around?
I have heard of this waterfall, but have never been there.

It had been years since I had been to the
Goodville Bridge.
When the kids were younger,
I remember hiking out there and walking out on the top of it. 
I didn't like that height then
and don't think I would do it again.

It was a fun evening, we rode to the local watering hole
and had wings,
then rode some more after dark.
Great fun!

And for those of you that have questioned the
Amish Dogs...
They are a mixed breed dog with Blue Heeler in them.
I was informed by the owner of the Amish dogs that
I mentioned before that
THEIR so called Amish Dogs
were purebred Blue Heelers
and that the Amish ones were not.
All look the same to me.


Teresa said…
What a fun little trip you took.
Keep us posted if you trade in the bikes.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches
lilraggedyangie said…
Sounds like my kinda fun ! Gotta love them skinny dipping Amish , Im sure that was worth a giggle or two! I hope you at least hollered and waved! lol Enjoy your day! hugs lilraggedyangie
Firecracker Kid said…
OMGosh, thta fella was takin' a bath. Nice shot though:) That was a nice adventure and so glad you made it through with no mishaps:) except the skinny dipping Amish!
Catherine said…
What a fun evening!
Sheila said…
TFS such wonderful pics of your area! Sounds like you guys had a great time.
TheCrankyCrow said…
What a wonderfully fun escape for you....and one you need right about now!! (Gotta get psyched for those tractor pulls ya know!!) Gorgeous scenery...! I LOVE the skinny-dippin'!! How funny is THAT!! You can even see the straw hat on the ground! You live a very rich life my friend....very rich indeed! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin
Lesley said…
Funny I was thinking of you two today while we were out on a nice ride. Feeling free and the wind whipping our clothes around. That would be a sad day in our house if we sold the Harley but if you don't have time or energy for it maybe the boat is the way to go. Funny the Amish skinny dipping but they must get hot too with all those long pants and shirts on.
Nice to hear you had time to yourselves, you needed it.