The Second Great Mouse Migration

But first, we will start with something a little more "gentle".
Love to paint roses. 
They are my most favoite thing to paint.
Every now and then I have to revert to them.
They don't always sell well.
Still love to do them.

Finished the rug, also.
If you crochet or knit,
these are great rugs.
They wear really well and wash up perfectly.
Made from old t-shirts.
Here is the link.
I just single crochet them with a big hook.

And now,
For the mouse migration.
This is an actual picture of our pantry.
No touch-ups, airbrushing or filtered lenses.
This is it, folks.
I didn't straighten or move anything.
(please believe me, I am not a crazy hoarder despite what JWS says)

So, this story would not be complete without a brief synopsis of the
First Great Mouse Migration.
July of 2004
Jennifer, the first born of the group (and the one with the messiest bedroom)
gets married.
She says that she will move her stuff out little by little.
JWS, through no prompting from me,
tells her that it will all go with her...NOW.
We had no idea that would spur on the migration.
Just like the elk come down from the Rocky Mountains
to feed
when the food source is gone from higher elevations...
so the mice moved down from her bedroom.
After the wedding,
the hunting, trapping and killing began.
Seven mice in one week.
We knew they were there.
She knew they were there.
There was no denying the panicked phone call we received on vacation shortly before that.
That was when we still paid roam charges.
We shut the phone off. 

And now on to the
Second Great Mouse Migration.

Cleaning the kitchen counter, I found mouse dirt!!!
Really, it is JULY!
You see, I do get mice.
But other months..
cold months.
Not July!
I have people tell me that they never get mice.
Never have had mice.
How does this happen? 
I understand if you live smack dab in the city.
My Mom never had a mouse.
But then there is not a field within ten miles of her house.
Every house I have ever lived in as an adult,
I have had mice in.

So anyway, back to this issue.
See that mouse trap down in the bottom left hand corner?
That is one of three.
Mouse hunting has now become JWS's new hobby.
The first trap was set in the kitchen,
Within minutes it went off.
That was Tuesday night.
Since then we (well not me)
have trapped wait
You see there is another one in there right now to greet JWS when he awakes.

And with the mice,
the black ants are back!

So we analyze.
Do the neighbors have mice?
JWS has mowed everything in sight this year.
Has he disturbed their habitat?
His mom who lives behind us had a mouse a few weeks ago.
The nieghbor down the road would never notice if she had mice.
And the neighbor next door?
Well it is none other than the cause of the
First Mouse Migration!
Wonder if she is missing any blue M&M's?


oh my word...mice in July! eeeek...get some cats :)
LibbiesHome said…
Mice in January this past year practically put me over the edge - but July? I would need therapy of some kind. As far as the black ants go, we've been battling them, too. We found something that really seems to work - haven't had much trouble since we sprinkled it liberally in the area where we saw them and left it for a few days. Here's a link so you can see a picture of the container:
Good luck!!
Angela said…
Beautiful things first... Love your painting. Those roses are beautiful . Have to keep saying your are just so darn talented. I can't even form a good rose out of the material everyone is doing. Love them.
Now on to the mice, We get them in the fall. And they are ugly little creatures. We keep out poison all year tho. People who rent behind us never want to mow their big yard, but when they do we always get the unwanted guest.. Good luck getting rid of them. Have a great day
Teresa said…
Love your painted roses, very pretty. My parents had mice, keep finding candy wrappers chewed open under the couch. Good luck with the critters.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches
Sheila said…
You sure have plenty to keep your life exciting! We live smack dab in the middle of farm country with potato, sugar beets and wheat fields all around us. So far we've managed to keep them contained to the lawn mower shed in the backyard-occasionally they get into the dog kennel but don't make it out! Hubs set 3 traps with peanutbutter on them and caught 9 in the shed in one week. I think they've migrated to the wheat field behind us, that is until harvest and I'm sure they'll be back!!! HATE mice. Neighbors cat is so lazy he waits for our traps to get 'em then comes and takes the trap and all!
LOVE,love your rose box Cathy. Beautiful work!
Have you considered writing a book? It would be a best seller.
Your roses are beautiful!
Mice ~ I don't think I like mice
especially the blue m & m eating kind!!!
Hope you get rid of them soon.
Happy mouse hunting!
Prim Blessings
Sher said…
Oh, good - someone else gets freaked out by knowing a they are living with a mouse. Hubby thought it was so funny when, a couple years ago after I saw one scampering across my SEWING TABLE,I told him to bring home 5 or 6 traps for each room in the house.
Thanks for suggesting I wait longer for harvesting potatoes! The green tops had withered and died so I thought their harvest time had come! (Wrong, Sher, wrong!)
I love your roses and T-rugs!
jennifer768 said…
Love your rose box ! Awesome painting on it .Mice I do not have a problem with as long as they are not in my home .We have been battling them and the ants this summer.Think that the mice are coming in from the hay fields surrounding the house.The ants I have decided are a hex put on me by someone,cause nothing gets rid of the buggers. LOL! Have a great day and a successful mouse hunt!Hugs,Jen
Hi Cathy,
We caught a another mouse in the cellar this morning!!!!
I love the pretty wooden box! And I would HATE to have a mouse in the house! But bugs and critters can get matter where you live! ♥
Laurie said…
Ahhh yes the mouse migration! I remember when we moved in the original old farm house next door, I was watching late night television when I heard a racket in the dining room. There were mice everywhere!! Running up and down the banister, on the table and chairs, the furniture, racing around on the floor, I was mortified! It took a lot of traps and decon to end the problem. My sympathies!!
TheCrankyCrow said…
I think your problem might be that you truly don't love your m&m's well enough....Now me, I'd personally have taken that mouse on to reclaim my m&m... Seriously....YIKES!! But, yes, we, too, have an "issue" with them - even in summer, whenever the farmers cut the hayfields nest to us...Their nests and habitats go, and they come. And, yup, I have 2 cats...they get some, (well, the cross-eyed Little Lizzie hasn't actually "killed" one yet, but she has been amused for the better part of 10 minutes with one...) And JWS has nothing on my DH in the mice-killing hobby department. I think he can proudly boast that he has owned at least 3 of every kind of mouse trap ever marketed, and has tried virtually every kind of bait he can think of.....His pet peeve: the mouses who manage to get the bait without setting the trap off. Mine: The cat who whips the still alive mouse on my bed while sleeping. Good luck my friend....Love your rose do them remarkable well....holy cats! (Hey - maybe THAT'S what you need for your mouse invasion....cats with saintly powers!!) Have a great (and rodent-free)week! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin