Too Many People

Those of you that follow along with me know that I walk in the mornings.
most mornings.

Normal departure time...
5:20 AM
Lots of bats, no people.
My walking partner is on vacation this week.
Sort of a staycation,
so we are walking at 6:00AM.
No bats.
Today I came home and because of the later time,
JWS was up and ready for work.
JWS:  How did that go in this heat?
Me: Fine, but I am not sure I like this later time.
JWS: Why not?
JWS: Really?
ME:  I took the camera this morning, want to see my pictures?

I download,
I show him in a slide show.
He comments how pretty they are.
He looks at me and says.
"Put those on your blog and say that there were too many people on your walk!"
I re-examined the pictures.
I guess he's right.

There is this little section of population that we have to pass.

And one or two more houses here.

The railroad tracks.

And then pretty much nature the rest of the way.

This is beautiful every morning, but the mist made it even more spectacular this morning.

And some four footed friends..
we saw eight this morning.

And these guys and girls greet us loudly every morning.

And this is on the home stretch.

Thanks for coming along! 
Don't you feel energized?

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LibbiesHome said…
Your walk looks so peaceful! Didn't see too many people in the pictures, but I knew what you meant. Same thing happens here. ;)
P.S. I hope your foot is feeling better.
basketsbyrose said…
I loved walking with you this morning! Have a blessed day!
oldecrow said…
Walking along with you is beautiful, but now I'm tired and need a nap! lol
Angela said…
Walking with you inside where it was cool and peaceful with a cup of coffee in hand was just wonderful. Now, good for my health? I think not! (ha) We drove over 3 hours,(my last post) to see country as pretty as you see on your daily walks. You are a lucky gal. Loved the pictures and thanks for sharing.
jennifer768 said…
What an awesome place to walk and enjoy natures beauty.Thank you for taking me along.Hugs,Jen
Kim said…
That does look like a lovely peaceful walking route. But I would rather go later and avoid the bats!!
I guess all the people were hiding in the trees?? Lol
Beautiful pictures. Looks so peaceful. Thanks for sharing!
TheCrankyCrow said…
Holy cats!!! Lucky you weren't mugged or mobbed or something!! Way too crowded for my taste! I'd give up walking altogether....Oh, that's right...I have! :o) Seriously - you have some beautiful scenery to take in....I especially love the stretch where the trees cross over above the road (You know - the Haunted Forest part with the bats and sinister little green apples??!!) Thanks for taking us along! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin
Robbie said…
Whew! That was a long walk..and hot..humid...I'm bushed! Need to rest now, thank you!
acorn hollow said…
such a great way to start the day
Beautiful photos~
awe so peaceful~
I wish my walk was as pretty as yours and had as many people as yours did! :-)