Uneventful weekend?

In case that you thought my weekend was going to be
peaceful and uneventful...

We woke up to this on Sunday morning.

It had been close to 40 years since I had be toilet papered.

Can't wait to tell my mom.
She used to laugh when it happened.
And laughed while I cleaned it up the next morning.
At least they didn't disturb my freshly primed items that I left outside all night.

Or my not so healthy landscaping.
But they sure must have had fun.
The scary part is, I heard NOTHING.
JWS loves the air conditioning.
not a huge fan.
I was sleeping in another bedroom with the windows open.
How did I miss that?

It is getting ready to storm here.
Thank goodness.
We really need the rain.

What do I have to look forward to?
Today is boob smashing day!

Have a great week everyone!


Angela said…
Oh Cathy, Someone had fun at your home while you rested peacefully huh? Haven't heard of rhis mean trick in mnay years. Good luck today, I don't evny you. Have a gteat week.
Amber said…
Well, it seems like you have a good attitude about it! I think I'd be stewing if someone toilet-papered our home!
oh my Cath...what was the occasion for the TP? just because? I sleep like a rock too-scarey, I know.
Thank goodness they didn't take or ruin your prims. That would have been a tragedy for sure!!!
Have a great week
What fun - I didn't think they did this kind of thing anymore....not since we were kids!
lilraggedyangie said…
Good Luck today ! you got TP'd lol musta been some real youngins cause they didnt get you too awful bad ! lol Have a great week! hugs lil raggedy angie
Courtney said…
I haven't heard about this since I was a little girl. I remember seeing it done in the past. You are a good sport about it!
oh my Cathy... I can't believe someone toilet papered your home... you have a great attitude about it. I would not be very happy. Hope the Mamo goes good... oh the things we women have to go through...
Good Morning, Cathy,
So, do you have any idea who got you? We haven't had this happen since the girls both graduated...but it happened often during the Cross Country Season!!

Have a marvelous Monday ~Natalie
Sheila said…
Do you think it may be rowdy kids or the upset customer from last week? LOL
They sure didn't use much! Kids around here aren't stingey with the TP! Not fun trying to take it down if it happens to get wet either.

Have a "smashing" good day!
TheCrankyCrow said…
Poor, poor, you....don't know what is worse - the smashing or the tp clean-up....We were last tp'd about 2 years ago - and I think I'm still picking it up!! And you think it was bad that you slept through it...well, I was actually home and awake....and they used OUR toilet paper.....(We had some "friends" over, and one...who's a little less "mature" than his age would suggest....put the children of some of our other guests up to it....So while we were inside conversing and such, my house was being vandalized....And they threw entire rolls up into the trees that got stuck there!!) Needless to say, those "friends" haven't been invited back.....Try to have a good day - hey, it has to get better, right? Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin
Catherine said…
Never a dull moment!!
jennifer768 said…
Sorry that your weekend wasn't peaceful. Kids will be kids.LOL! Have a wonderful week ,Jen
Lois said…
Hi Cathy!
I am keeping my fingers crossed when I say that I never had the pleasure of being TP'd. Good grief.....you are taking it really well. Hope the weather holds while you're getting it cleaned up.
Oh my! hehe, that's so funny!!! :)
Oh it's summer time and the kiddies are restless toilet papering your house. It doesn't look too hard to clean up. I didn't think kids still done this sort of thing. Must be younger kids.
Glad to hear you have a sense of humor about it.
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