The Window Nazi

So I have decided that I live with
The Window Nazi.
I love open windows.
I see...
Curtains blowing in the breeze.
Summer Smells.
Fresh Air.
The Window Nazi.
He sees...

So we have a difference of opinions.

Summer has been rough this year.
To say the least.
Air conditioning units that are loud,
and that cause my chest and head to clog up.

I have spent nights in the spare bedroom,
ceiling fan running,
windows open,
trying to breathe.

So today...
he is not at work.
For those of you that don't know...
we work together.
he was not going to be there,
I took the opportunity to open everything up
and get
No problem,
I'll close it all up long before he gets back and he'll never know.
I got busy and forgot.
Apparently a big oops in the life of
The Window Nazi.
He complained,
he whined.
He was not happy.
He had a mean look on his face.
Then he attacked.
He told me again that I am scatterbrained.
How could I not remember to close the windows and turn on the air?
Maybe the busy day,
lots of phone calls and customers.
He says,
"Did you realize there was an issue when you started sweating?"

(Well, actually that was EXACTLY when I realized there was an issue,
but he had walked in the door by that time)

Then the
You see,
you just do a few "dumb" things
in life and it sticks with you forever.

Let's see...
Fill a vehicle up with diesel fuel by mistake.
Run over the bathtub and call the fire company thinking all your pipes have broke.
Just a couple of the classics.
You get labeled forever.

I just get a lot on my mind.

The Window Nazi
has been doing some dumb things.
He is getting too much on his plate.
Extra responsibilities,
Oh, it shows!
His normally pristine truck looks like a hoarder owns it.
He has started forgetting things.
And then tonight.
After the
I come home from work at 7:00 PM
He cooked at 4:00 PM.
And I found this.....

He never turned the burner off!

How pathetic is it that I did not even think of the danger,
just the
of it all.
As my friend Tina would (and did)

Now who is

I think our kids might already have our home picked out.


Lesley said…
I think we should go in a room, close the door and scream and come out all smiles and laughing.
Thanks for dropping by my blog, sounds like we both had one of those weeks.
Better days ahead friend.
Teresa said…
All I can say is "Its the heat". No one is normal in the summer time. Summer heat is evil, it changes a completely normal person to go in sane.
Hope tomorrow is better.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches
TheCrankyCrow said…
You have GOT to figure out a warning system here my friend....My computer screen is becoming a virtual mess!! ;o) My first full-blown snort was at the diesel fuel....Really? Oh my heck!!! But, hey - I think there's a colony of those window nazis forming - and my DH is also a member. If I turn the air on, I hear "why's the air on? It's not even hot out!" If I don't turn it on - it's...well, I'll spare ya, 'cuz I'm sure it's all too familiar verbage...And never mind that he took out the garage door and the back window of the SUV AND the lovely antique bench on top of the SUV and smashed them all to smitherines because HE FORGOT the bench was on TOP of the SUV!!! Nah...just never mind that....Smiles & Hugs you wonderful Scatterbrain you!! Robin
hahahahahaha....paybacks a B*tch!
I think the heat brings out the worst in everyone.

Hopefully, things will get better.

Catherine said…
Oh my goodness! Guess he can't pick on you now!
acorn hollow said…
we are in the northeast and had a few days of heat. we had an air conditioner in I thought I would go crazy. you are right the noise the shut in feeling. We are use to air and breezes open windows and nature sounds.
so what did you call him when he left the burner on?
LibbiesHome said…
It's the heat for sure! And I'm with you about opening the windows. I love the fresh air and as much as I love Fall and Winter I know I'll be cooped up/closed up inside for all those months so I like taking advantage of moving a little fresh air in, too!
Hope today is great for you!
Angela said…
Thanks for the smiles today. Sounds like you both are so busy!!!
But girl, how do you run over a bathtub?? Too funny. Have a great weekend
Kathy said…
lol I so hear you..think Les's idea might be the way to hoping it's the heat and this all goes away at some point... love the windows wide open too.. hate that air... but... have a good day...
You have the window nazi....I have the light nazi, and I too have been called scatterbrain...well actually can't say the word mine has used. But yes us women all tend to remember the stuff our other halves do and keep it in the little mental notebook, for later use...heh heh
Cath: You should get it outta the garage, dust it off and find a place for it!! Goof! Have a great weekend.
patti :)
Too Funny! What goes around comes around!