Happy Six Years, Little Boy

Yesterday, Tyler turned six.
He is our first grandchild, the one that we have
learned on,
loved on
made most of the mistakes on.
The first.
Four girls, our daughters,
and then
this little boy.
He is active,
He is wild,
He is noisy,
but he is loving,
always ready to go anywhere Grandma will take him.

I say
he is ready before I get "Go"
out of my mouth.

We have been through
bumped heads, 
bruised knees,
a Preschool Drop-out.
Well actually,
they ASKED that he not be brought back.
Preschool graduation,
Kindergarten graduation,
let's just say,
the principal knows his name...
and he knows what the inside of her office looks like.

Many Halloweens,
Many Christmas holidays!

Easters and every holiday,
You have brightened our life and made it a better place.

And then today.
You were talking to a friend.
You were trying to be cool.
Grandma asked you to go someplace with her...

That was rough.
I'll get over it.
It may take awhile.

I had tears in the corners of my eyes.

Thank goodness your brother ran and grabbed my hand.


TheCrankyCrow said…
Awww...Cathy....you brought tears to the corners of my eyes too!! :O So wonderfully difficult to watch them grow....but know it will come full circle again - and one day soon he'll be ready again before the "go" slips out of your lips....Happy, happy, birthday Tyler!! Such a handsome little guy!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin
Robbie said…
There's NOTHING like those grand kids!! NOTHING!!! My hubby can't understand it but I don't care..I love them to pieces..maybe it's reliving 'motherhood' all over again!! Whatever it is, is fine with me. Yours are adorable!!
Sheila said…
What a cutie pie! Sweet post about him too. Enjoy every moment~
Courtney said…
As a teacher, these are the ones I love the most! Send him my way!!
Always remember...we need people with high energy...they are our mavericks!
Kim said…
What a sweet post. He looks so cute - you can see the twinkle in his eyes.
I can't believe he said No. Don't worry - he'll be back!
jennifer768 said…
What a wonderful post.Happy Birthday Tyler! He sure is a handsome young man.Hugs,Jen
NancyD said…
Just precious, that's all I can say. :)
Angela said…
Oh Cathy, you know just how much this post touched my heart. Tyler, kiddo, Happy Birthday !! Hmmmmmm, did Tyler inherit his grandma's personality? (giggle) He sounds like a great kid. Love kids with that type of personality. He will make friends so easily as today. I feel for you. I so dread the day when Darbee Rae wants to go with friends instead of me. And I know its coming and she's only 3. But it won't last. He will always cherish you and what you too do and have done together. Loved the pic of all the grands.
Jody said…
What a precious little boy! Loved this post! There is nothing more wonderful then being a grandma!
Laurie said…
What a sweet post and adorable little boy! Happy Birthday Tyler, and don't worry Cathy, he'll reach for your hand many times in his life. You've been a great Grandma!
Firecracker Kid said…
Aww, he's growing up gramma, too fast, but he'll always be grammas boy.
Farmhouse prims said…
Wonderful post, grandkids are just awesome. Happy Birthday to Tyler! Hugs, Lecia
Vicky said…
Cathy this was such a sweet post! My twins are turning 6 this Sunday! I can't believe how fast time flies! They get onto me now when I call them my 'babies' especially my boy!!
Good thing the younger is taking up his brother's place!

Sher said…
Just like our own children, grandchildren grow up 'way too quickly. He'll be back as soon as he gets his next boo-boo!