Almost Heaven, West Virginia

No television,
no Internet,
not much cell phone service....
and it is amazing the knitting you can get done. 

Last Wednesday night a group of us
from my church left for
West Virginia on a mission trip.
This is the second year that we have gone there to work.
has an amazing ministry there helping to meet the physical needs of many people
and partnering with the local churches to meet their spiritual needs also.
You can read more about it by clicking the link above
or here

Personally, I always thought of World Vision as some big, impersonal organization,
until we got involved there.
Their work is amazing!

We stay at the Barbour County
4-H Camp.

Brings back church camp memories!

Below are pics of the warehouse.

They receive surplus from companies and individuals... 

and process it through as needed.

This is a pic of the Teacher Resource Center.
Everything here has been donated by companies and individuals,
and it is provided free to teachers throughout much of    West Virginia.

We worked at a home of a young family.
For obvious reasons of protecting their privacy,
I would not post pics here. 
We did some demolition work,
we roofed,
we cleaned up,
and generally helped out for three days.
A drop in the bucket of what they actually need,
but it is a start.

If your church or youth group is looking for a project,
this is a great place to check out.

No passport required!

And now on to my puzzlement.
Every muscle in my body hurts.
I have blisters on my blisters.
I have hammered and shoveled and been in positions and used muscles that
my poor old body has not seen in awhile. 
Worked full eight hour days of constant movement.
Ate meals,
but nothing in between
nothing after 7:00 in the evening.
How is it that I gained three pounds on this trip?


Farmhouse prims said…
How wonderful for you to do this, thank you. I am from WV the eastern panhandle. My hubby and I lived in the southern part of WV for two years when our children were small. I have never in my life saw so much poverty. I didn't realize people lived like that only a few hours away. Thank you, I know you made a difference. There are so many people in our own country that needs help. We need more mission trips in the USA.
Hugs, Lecia
Courtney said…
You are probably just full up with the good feelings all that wonderful giving brings! ;-) Blessings to you!
Denise said…
Um, you retained water in those sore muscles? There is no way you should have gained one ounce!

Sounds like you and your group did some awesome work for those that needed help.
Hi, looks like you had a great time, my dad's family was from W. Va, he was born in Molehill, which was later changed to Mountain, I think it is near Weirton. Love your knitting. Have a great week!
Teresa said…
Sounds like you had an amazing time. With all that work you built up your muscles. Remember muscles weigh more than fat. That has to be the reason.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches
TheCrankyCrow said…
Our church does similar work like this but in Mexico - I so agree that mission work should begin at home. What a wonderful blessing you are.

Hmmmm....could it be that "scale issue" again??? I seriously doubt you GAINED weight!!!

Wishing you a blessing-filled week...Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin
annie said…
A sincere thank you for helping an American family in need. God bless you.