Souvenirs of my trip

Not these,
these are just some more pumpkin items for the weekend.
besides sore muscles,
a few bruises,
three pounds,
a couple of yard sale items,
(just had to fit one of those in)
a new flashlight,
(I forgot mine)
I brought home...
some sort of rash.
Poison Ivy
or something like that.
Not really sure.
The plant that I was ripping out on Saturday
was what I thought was poison oak,
until I googled
Poison Oak.
Not only was it not the same plant,
there are some pretty gross pics there along with it! 
At least mine does not look that bad.
I resorted to the old stand by...

Clorox Wipes.

I have heard all the warnings,
honestly, I have.
But, I have also tried all the other medicines and remedies.
A small fortune of creams, lotions, and potions reside in my medicine cabinets.
And nothing dries it up and heals it faster than these.

No disclaimer needed.
Don't try this at home should be obvious.
But it works for me!


Oh no!!! I can see how the bleach would dry it out! My son has heat rash right now - I wonder if I should try it :)

Hope you are up and running soon!!
TheCrankyCrow said…
All I can say is OUCH!! Clorox wipes - really??? I am hyper-allergic to poison ivy ever since I was child - I could look at it from a distance and be out of school for weeks - I'd even get it in my mouth.....Sure hope I don't catch it from your blog! ;o) But, gotta tell you, don't know if I could do Clorox!!! That has to sting and burn like crazy!!! Hope you heal soon! Love your pumpkin slates!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin
sorry you got poison but as long as the clorox wipes work good for you.
Pumpkin slates are great.

Catherine said…
Hhhhmmmm.....I'm intrigued by the use of the wipes to treat poison ivy, as my oldest son gets it so easily and has a hard time clearing it up. Do you just wipe it over the spot, do you hold it there for a bit?? And, dies it sting real bad?
Yuck to whatever you got. Glad the wipes helped you out! I had poison oak once and I have no idea how I got it for sure. I just remember falling in love with gold bond medicated lotion. haha. It was the only thing we tried that helped calm the itching.

Clorox wipes (and I think all wipes like that?) do not contain bleach. It might even say on the front of the container that it is bleach free. This is the website for Clorox wipes, or just check out the label.
frontporchprims said…
Oh no!! Clorox Wipes sound like it would hurt. But probably was worth it if it cleared it up. Hope you find out what the plant was. -Steph-