Totally Random Weekend

I did get a little painting done.

The week, although short, was crazy!

All these boxes of shirts printed,
way over 1000,
all the other work that goes along with that.
Logan found a great little corner to enjoy his Teddy Grahams.

And this pic,
while it was not from last week,
I just had it sent to me.
Don't they look like they are having fun?
This little gator was one of the BEST purchases ever!
All the kids love it! 

So Friday afternoon,
after JWS delivers and runs and drives everywhere
to deliver shirts.
He goes to the hospital to visit his mom.
Comes home at 4:45, 
fixes supper, 
changes his clothes, 
relaxes in the recliner
his mom calls from the hospital 
and they are sending her home. 
So much for that rest. 
He gets her home at 8:00
because the hospital is not just around the corner. 
we have to have her back there at 9:00 Saturday morning for dialysis 
And so begins the weekend, 
Saturday AM
JWS wants to go to 
Antiquing on the Allegheny.

My comment.
"OK, who is she?"
"What did you do wrong?"
But he really wants to go..
and it is raining, 
He doesn't ever want to get wet. 
So we drop his mom at dialysis. 
And we go. 
Below are my finds of the day. 
Everything for $10.
Love those towels!  

This is HIS find of the day,
which he came home,
took down the wall hanging in the dining room
and promptly hung this in it's place.
let this be a word of caution..
if your hubby wants to go antiquing with you.
And by the way,
it is not staying there,
I am just humoring him right now.

So back to Friday,
I tell JWS to throw a few eggs on to boil
so we can put them in the beets.
And he does,
a few DOZEN!
So let's analyze my time last week.
Work until 7
Meeting at the church at 7
I was a little late.
Find out I have a bunch of stuff to pack for the trip this week.
When am I going to fit that in?
Work until 7
Collapse at 8
work until 5.
household stuff.
Still don't have the stuff packed up at the church
Drive to dialysis.
Kill time in town.
Drive home from dialysis
Gracelyn and Garren arrive for the night.
Gracelyn and Garren leave at 9:30.
For some reason, they were having a rough night and
Grandma failed and had to call the parents.
In six years, I have only had to do that three times.
I still feel like a failure.
Stuff still is not packed at the church.
You see,
it needs packed up before Sunday at two
when there is a funeral there.
Sunday AM
7 AM to be exact,
has me on my hands and knees in the basement of the church with
crayons, chalk, notebooks, paper, paper clips, pens, markers, post-its, folders,
rulers, glue, more glue, paint, art supplies, games,
puzzles, quilts, baby afghans,
and more glue
all spread out
sorting and packing
seven huge boxes
two army duffel bags 
full of stuff that our church donated
to send with us on our trip to West Virginia
this week.
Raced home,
Second shower
Then a picnic,
Then to dinner with friends,
then home.
and more friends stop to visit.

And in between all that,
A little more painting

And this scarf while I waited at dialysis.

And a few more scarves started.
You see, this weekend trip allows me
a five hour ride down and a five hour ride back
and evenings with nothing to clean,
nothing to cook,
and no TV.
I will knit.

But wait,
the most random happening of all!
Sunday afternoon
at dinner in a sort of college type sports bar/restaurant.
This "older" woman walks by.
We make the normal comments,
"Wow, so glad we are not the oldest people in here."
"It's so loud that we can hardly hear,
how does she hear?"
and then
"Wait, she has a trumpet in her shoulder bag!"

Well that is not really the "normal" comment that you would make about a well-dressed
older woman in a sports bar, but anyway...
She promptly pulled it out and started playing.
It was a fitting almost end to a completely bizarre weekend.
I, for one, will be glad to get back to work to get some rest.


Ann said…
Cathy, Whew! I don't know how you do it all. Glad you had some down time to sit and knit - even if it's in the car- I'm the same way though - Have to be doing something. The gator is way neat. We bought a Barbie Jeep for Carrie when she was little - she wasn't a great driver - but the boys loved it! It was so cute to see them tooling around the backyard in the Barbie Jeep! We wish we knew how many miles it had on it when we sold it in a garage sale. ~Ann
Kim said…
I'm dizzy trying to keep up with your week! And I'm scratching my head over the trumpet lady in a sports bar! Strange....
Sheila said…
Well Cathy, after a week like that I would say that heading back to work would be a rest. Maybe you can find a hiding spot like your grandson and take a nap! Sounds like you could use one.
Hope this week is less hectic for you. Still don't know how you squeezed in some of the darling projects!
Keep smiling~
Teresa said…
You can pack more into one weekend. Love boiled eggs in beets. Sorry to say not so much in love with the clock. Good luck with that. My husband has a purple motorcycle helmet made into a planter. It stays in the garage.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches
Cathy, I don't know how you do it, girl! I'm tired out just reading your post, Lol! I don't know how you fit your projects in...but I Love all your painting! Have a wonderful week!
frontporchprims said…
Breathe!!!! I have to remind myself to breathe while reading your post. You are soooo busy but still are making time to blog. Wow. What a weird moment with the lady and the trumpet!!! Good luck getting the clock off the wall:) -Steph-
Silvia said…
I read this and now I am worn out!!! How do you managed all of that??!! Mind Blowing.
PS i am so jealous. I wish I could paintb like you ...just enough to make some of those awesome Tags.
TheCrankyCrow said…
What, exactly, is it about you my dear Cathy, that attracts the absurdly bizarre to you like a magnet?!! Oh my heck!! So, what did she play?? Hopefully not taps... ;o) As always, your projects are awesome - those star washboards are too sweet...LOVE! When do you leave for WVA?? Wishing you safe travels and some "uneventful" down time....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin (BTW .... about that clock....) ;o)
Oh my gosh Cathy, my head is spinning!
I really don't know how you do it all. Sometime I think you need to slow down a bit and take some time for yourself.
Your creations are awesome by the way!
Prim Blessings
Amazing what you can fit into a weekend!!!!! Congrats on the angel published in C&D.