Candy Laxatives, WD 40 and my husband's ex-wife

Back up a month.
I started Weight Watchers again.
A couple of years ago I joined and was pretty successful at it.
Then life, an operation and some other stuff happened and I didn't go back.
And slowly (well not EXACTLY slowly)
I gained it back.
Well some/most of it.
But I am not going to bore you with that whole month.
Wednesday night,
let's start with that.
I have WW meeting and I buy some of the oatmeal
and these little candies.
And they are good,
Really good.
I eat a couple on the way home from the meeting.
You can have six for one point.
That's a lot of sweet!
Thursday AM
I try the oatmeal.
It is also good.
I pick up Kendall for her weekly day with MaMa.
I have a couple candies.
Go to work.
I have a couple more.
Noon Thursday.
Not to be indelicate,
and so many of my posts involve poop...
But let's just say that much of Thursday afternoon was spent in the bathroom.
Lots of Thursday afternoon.

Take Kendall home at 6:30
and the 20 mile drive back home
is a real fast one looking for another bathroom.

Friday AM

The boys have no school.
How in the world did we survive the entire summer with both of them at work?
I have no idea.
Today was a little testy.
But we survived.
Sort of.
A couple of bumps and bruises,
a few meltdowns.
A trip to the Bent and Dent.
and then.
I went to pick up my laptop.
You see
I was to speak at the church tonight.
Report at the Ladies Tea
on our West Virginia trip.
But I am getting ahead of myself.
I needed my laptop to show a slide show.
when I picked it up,
it was all greasy.
The boys apparently sprayed it
and some other stuff..
WD 40.

Not a public speaker as a rule.
I was a little nervous anyway.
I have a cold.
Runny nose,

I clean the laptop
I go home a little early.
JWS sends me a text.
It goes like this.
"I just ate one of your WW candies and I was reading the label
apparently these can work as a laxative."

Now you might think
"Oh that explains yesterday's bathroom issues."
But I am thinking.

I get cleaned up,
I go to the church.
I set up the computer
still reeking of WD40.

I am still a little nervous.
The lady gets up to announce that I am here.

she calls me by my husband's ex-wife's name!!!!

Been awhile since I had one of these days...


NancyD said…
LOL...missed your posts!! Had to read it to my hubby. ;) We're doing WW too...lost about 30 lb. so far. Great diet...or should I say change of eating habits! Never tried those candies...they might come in handy though! LOL
Oh my.... I giggled a couple times ( poop stories will do that to me & before I read your post I thought the WD40 had something to do with that, lol) ... but realistically, that can't be a good thing when you have to give a speech at church. Hope all went well.....and I think I'd cut back a bit on those candies. ;)
NancyD said…
LOL I've missed your posts! Laughing so hard that I had to read it out loud to my hubby. ;) We are doing WW too, lost about 30 lb. so far. Great diet or should I say change of eating habits. Never have come across those candies but I'm thinking they might come in handy! LOL
annie said…
Oh my goodness, bless your heart! That hurt just reading about it all! Hope next week is better!
Tam said…
things will get better, thanks for sharing that
Teresa said…
Sounds like a busy day. Love the snowmen looking up to the star.
I once took a cold sore medicine that had the same effect while I was at work.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches
Traci said…
Oh man...sounds like you had "a day". Thanks for the giggles...

acorn hollow said…
Oh good lord you had quite a day now. I would have gone home sat on the toliet and cried. You got through it yeah!
Tee-hee- sorry to laugh at your expense!! I sure hope you were able to and up & speak after all that!!! I'm a big fan fan of WW - never made it to Lifetime- I should go just for that goal :) well, that, and the candy!!


Oh, and I love the owl towel! Cute, cute, cute!!
Barb said…
I am laughing so hard! That is me described to a tee-hee!
Enjoy today!
Courtney said…
This sounds like an I Love Lucy episode. You are too funny.
Hope the weekend slows down a bit for you!!
TheCrankyCrow said…
I knew from the title this was going to be good so I set my coffee down in the other room. ;o) Too funny...oh my heck - only you. Love that first painting with the grapes...awesome!! You do such amazing work....Hope you're having a wonderful (candy-free) Saturday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin
Great Title..I was giggling before I read the post...Sounds like one of my days!!
I can honestly say I've never had Candy that sent me to the Throne..Guess they are truly a wieght loss Candy so to speak!!
Thanks for the giggles!!

I knew from the title, too that it was going to be a crazy post experience for you to say the least.
You are funny, tho, I hope you don't mind when we tell you that you make us laugh,
it's the way to you the stories that are
so great. You remind me of Erma Bombeck's stories. She was a riot.
Warm Regards,
Ann said…
I'm laughing so hard! You can always post just the right thing at the right time...We were up to our eyes in poop this week at school - I work in a Kindergarten/First grade room with multiple handicapped children. Let's just say this is the first week I've ever dreamed about poop! What a week. The teacher & other aide and I dissolved into laughter on Friday - there was nothing else we could do!

Linda Cardella said…
It's not nice to laugh ... but I couldn't help it. Cathy... what a life you lead!
Did you accidentally buy laxatives or was that just the effect on you?
Lesley said…
Oh btw those chocolates made for Diabetics, they have the same effect. I never eat too many of those at any time but I know someone who ate too many and that is what it does.
Always a chuckle when I read your posts and I love that snowman door you did, soooo cute.
Enjoyed your post so much, I read it twice! LOL.
Oh my goodness, I am sorry, but I am LOL! I am so sorry you had such a yucky couple of days, but I thank you for sharing them with us.

I hope today is much better :D