Double Parked Amish

And when you are in a hurry! 
Yesterday was like every other day this week.
Hurry and get my REAL work done.
Hopefully get out of work early.
1.Deliver signs and flyers to Smicksburg
2. Rake Leaves,
4.  Paint and finish all the last minute projects for the Open House.
5. Drop into bed.

At step one,
this happened.
Double Parked Amish.
See that back fender?
That's my car.
See that horse.
He or She
(I didn't check)
Has me parked in.

my helper for the afternoon,
who was also excited about getting on to
Number 2 on the list,
comes to inspect.

"Yep, Gramma, we are stuck here."
we talked about the horse,
what big teeth it has
and so on.

Until the wagon that the horse was pulling was empty of fall mums.
And we could get on with our day.

Hey, not every day you get in an Amish traffic jam.
Well, maybe not you.
Around here it is a daily happening.

I want to thank everyone who has been stopping by
and commenting.
I love all of your comments
and love to hear from you.

I have not been keeping up with all of you like I should.
After this weekend,
that is a priority to stop in and visit everyone.

Thanks for bearing with me!


What a lovely way to be told to 'slow down' and smell the mums!!!
Kim said…
LOL That is a first for me - a double parked horse. I like Sherry's comment, just think it could have been worse....the wagon could have been hauling manure!!
Sheila said…
Like the other girls said, nice way to take a moment and smell the mums and yes, that wagon could have been hauling worse! Love Logan's comment about being stuck there.
I hope your open house goes well this weekend. Wish I could stop by but it's a bit to far away.
Wishing you a wonderful day.
Anonymous said…
what a wonderful reason to stop and smell the ummm, mums,, great post!Lovew you work as well!
Great post! What sweet life lesson.
Christine said…
So funny but not when you're in a hurry!
Best wishes for a successful open house!
TheCrankyCrow said…
Are you sure you won't parked in the "mum delivery" parking only area? ;o) Love it!! Good luck with the open house!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin
Now that's the kind of traffic jam I would love to be in :D We don't have tons of Amish around here and it's a good thing because I would probably be arrested for stalking. LOL! I think they are sooooooo neat.
Grace said…
I think it's cool! I love the Amish and they're culture. We have a lot of Amish here in TN too :)

Catherine said…
I've had Amish taffic troubles as well living where I do!!
LibbiesHome said…
Amish traffic jam - too funny. :)
I have loved seeing all the things you are making for the open house. Sure would love to shop there!
Best wishes for a great time for everyone involved!
Too funny! Your days are never boring!!!
Hope you have a great turn out for the open house!!!
Prim Blessings
frontporchprims said…
This makes me laugh. -Steph-
Balisha said…
I love reading your posts. What a pleasure to see life coming to a halt by a double parked Amish.I think we could all benefit from some slowing down.
Lesley said…
Another entertaining post. You can't imagine it until you actually see it, and Logan is so cute.
Good luck with your open house. I feel your anxiousness. That time of year.
No hurry to visit me, I haven't been on much myself.
Take care and hope you sell lots which I am sure you will.
Les xo
Danice said…
We know how that is, too. There is an Amish community near this town. We often go there to shop for food as the Amish have the best garden items :)