Halloween Festivities

Halloween Festivities
at our house
were last Saturday Night.
With it
brought these little goblins.
Buzz Lightyear on the far left
refused to leave his costume on.
Strawberry Shortcake
was not fond of her beautiful pink wig.
the fact that we got them all together for a photo
was simply amazing.

Then the kids,
all the older ones that is,
called JWS and I to the kitchen
for an announcement.

My first thought?
Who is pregnant now?

They told us to go to my car
and it was the start of finding our
Christmas gift.
There was a gift bag with a rhyme
that sent us to our church, where
the next hint and a pic of the entire family sent us to the local watering hole.

Church to Bar? 
Have to know our kids.
At the bar, the barmaid put a bag up on the bar.
In it were two IC Lights.
and another rhyming clue...
that sent us to the fairgrounds
where we found another bag with
another rhyme and a bottle of Heinz Ketchup.
The clue there sent us to our business
where we found another rhyme and handwarmers in a bag
and a big stuffed Bengal Tiger sitting beside it.

Getting the picture yet?
We did!
The whole family,
well at least everyone over the age of six,
is going to a Steeler/Bengals Game together.
How fun!

When we got back to the house,
the adult kids all had Steeler jerseys on! 

What a fun evening!

What ingenious kids! 


acorn hollow said…
oh those steelers the trounced our poor patriots on sunday.
Have fun
Trace4J said…
Happy Halloween!
So cute.

Sheila said…
How fun was that? That's so cool how they put all that together to make it a great event. Though I'm a die hard Patriot fan from way back, I do hope you all have a blast watching your beloved Steelers!

. . . .and I was amazed when I saw all the kids sitting on the couch for the picture! Costumes or not.

Courtney said…
Love the scavenger hunt...very clever!! Happy Halloween!
Wow Cathy, that was really neat how they did that. The kids look cute all lined up on the couch!!!!
Have fun at the game. Hope we win!!!!

TheCrankyCrow said…
Ingenuity and creativity must run deep in the genes in your family....LOVE it!!! (But the Packers are gonna beat both the Steelers and the Bengals...) ;o) Hope you had a hauntingly wonderful spook night....love the little bugs on the couch! Smiles & Halloween Hugs ~ Robin
All the little ones are so cute!!!
I love the way they did the scavenger hunt ~ Oh so much fun!!!

Happy Halloween!
Prim Blessings
Laurie said…
What an awesome gift!! I love the way it was presented, like a road rally! Have great fun at the game!
Adorable photo of the kids!!!
Sounds like a fun time~ creative!!
Catherine said…
What cuties!!
What fun you had finding your present! Sounds like a blast!
Teresa said…
Cute little goblins lined up on the couch.
Sounds like you have fun kids, enjoy the game.
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