Open House Cramming

Just like cramming for a test,
I have been cramming to get things done for the Open House.
I work at it all year...
why do I do this every year?


and painting

and more painting,

and more sewing.

And this was my big oops this week.
I painted this then got the idea to put a handle on it.
Found an old leather belt
promptly attached it...

I then had to sand it down and repaint the face.


Courtney said…
Wow! You've been so busy and productive. Everything looks great. I'm glad you were able to fix that little pumpkin bowl...even if it took time! Have a great Open House!
Angela said…
Love all your items. You have been busy. WOuld love to come shop. Would love to have one of your paintings. Good luck and have fun!
Busy busy!! Great job on all of it though! Love thos elittle bells.

Carmen and the Primcats
You have been busy. Love all your creations you painted! So Beautiful.
TheCrankyCrow said…
You do 'cuz we love it!! Just wish I were closer!! Love those little jingle bells the best...too, too, cute! Now get back at it! Don't you have some sewing or painting to do? ;o) Seriously - wishing you the best of luck in gettin' er done!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin
Lesley said…
Cathy, time is really coming quick. I too, know how you feel. Love that little snowman bowl. That is a cutie with that belt. he he
Good luck and I know you will do well.
Take care, Les
Love all your goodies for your open house!!