Snippets from the Weekend

Photos from the weekend! 
It was a great time,
time with my Dad,
so many old memories,
made some new friends,
made some new memories.

Part of our work crew.
This was Sunday at noon,
we were all getting a little tired!

Photos of the Blue Streak.
Saturday night we rode it.
I even got my 79 year old father to ride it!

New parts and old parts.
So great to see it being restored.

We did a lot of leaf raking..
most of it in the rain

Love this sentiment!

I even managed to get some projects done for the open house.
Not much to do in a hotel room when you wake up at five in the morning...

So I crafted!
Almost done with the 40 or so of these that I cut out!

Some stockings and mittens.

And these pinwheels. 
I can't remember where I got this pattern.
I would love to give the person credit.
If anyone knows, let me know and I will post the link.
They are pretty quick and easy to make.

And finally finished the pumpkin pillow. 
I know it has a price tag on it, but I just might keep it!

And my spooky Halloween story of the weekend.
On Saturday, we had a man that was running the tractor with a wagon
gathering all the leaves.
He was not a big talker and while I am sure he was a nice guy,
he just had that scary look to him.
I tried to engage him in conversation,
but to no avail.
I can usually get people to talk.
And normally..
the abnormal ones are the ones that seek me out.
Life Stories
Crazy Stories
Stories I Don't Even Want to Hear.
Most of the time, I try to avoid them.
But I wanted to know his story.

Nothing but grunts.

Then Sunday Morning,
I decide to go for a run.
Not out of wanting exercise so much
more out of wanting to undo the junk I had eaten the day before.

So picture it.
Old Hotel
Much of it vacant.
Misty, Creaky Boardwalk
Just before Dawn
Leads to
Amusement Park Midway.
Not a person around.
Except for me,
When along the side of the midway...
Something Moves.
And it is HIM!!!

That scary man.

I wave and yell/gasp
"Good Morning!"


I make a circle and now it is lighter and he is putting stuff in his old pick-up truck.

Wave again!
Run Faster!

Skip forward to later in the day.
Piles of leaves everywhere...
I ask
"Where is our tractor man?"
"He doesn't come in on Sundays."

His truck is still there.....


Teresa said…
Love all your finishes especially the cute pumpkin pillow. Thanks for sharing your photos. You do meet some strange people don't you.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches
Angela said…
Sounds like you had a great time with your father and did some serious hard work as well. Not to mention meeting the "mystery" man. Shame on you for not getting his story" (wink) Guess you gave it a good try huh? Love all the items you have created. Love the stockings and pinwheels. Great colors. GOod luck with your open house. Take care
TheCrankyCrow said…
Ewwww....that totally creeps me out! So glad you got to add to your bucket of memories....that's so cool that your dad even rode. Looks like a beautiful hotel....And your just a crafting machine I swear! Cute stuff!!! Have a great Thursday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin
annie said…
Love your pillow! Cute crafts! Great roller coaster!
Lesley said…
Wow what a great weekend for you except.......the creepy guy. I kept reading waiting for a pic or something at the end, you left me hanging.....Oh well you tried didn't you....I wonder what he was thinking about you trying to pry something out of him and he wouldn't budge. Oh well, he doesn't know what a great person you are...too bad for him.
Les xo
Catherine said…
Love the pictures! Sounds like s good time, but I have to say, scary man scares me and I don't even know what he looks like!
Connie said…
What a spooky Halloween story! It is so wonderful that you and your Dad volunteered to help at such a neat park. It looks so neat and the memories you must have! I just found your blog and your work is also beautiful! Your newest follower.
Your time away looks wonderful and so many wonderful goodies you got stitched...great job!

Ohhhhh, how creepy did that guy your ending to the post...yikes....something out of a movie!
frontporchprims said…
What a wonderful time to spend with your father. Great memories have been made. Your scary story is soooo scary. So, where is he? -Steph-