Who was ready for this?

Not the apple tree,

Not this tree that has not lost it's leaves yet,

Not the gerber daisies,

And certainly not the burning bush.

Not the snapdragons,

or the marigolds,

and certainly not these hearty mums

still perky as ever.

Not the petunias,

or the beautiful fall leaves,

or this little guy
and the impatiens
wondering what happened to fall....

And most assuredly...
NOT ME!!!!


Courtney said…
We're bracing up here in NH. I'm not ready for it either!!
Oh, no~ poor little flowers & trees~We have not even had a hard frost yet here in my area of Ohio~ but this moring Hubby said while he was outside in between rain drops he seen some snow~ No I said!!! But here it is cold, ya can feel the snow air is close~ but still raining~
keep safe & warm~
TheCrankyCrow said…
Oh....I feel all mixed inside - your photos are so lovely - something tragically beautiful about snow on beautiful summery blooms - but there's something also tragically wrong about it.... We woke to snow flurries a day or so ago - thankfully, it stayed at that. SO not ready!! Stay warm ~ Happy Saturday! Robin
Not Me Either!!

No snow where I live, and it will be perfectly ok with me if we dont get any all winter long.

It is pretty to look at but YUCK to live with.

Stay Warm and Safe.
Denise said…
This just isn't right - somebody needs to call Mother Nature and complain!
Teresa said…
When we heard about your snow I never even thought about the flowers still in bloom.
Love the photos.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches
Danice said…
Wow! Snow already! Here in Alabama we don't have snow yet. If like last winter, we will, though :)