Anthropologie Inspired Bracelet

This is my take on it anyway.
To be truthful,
I have never been in an Anthropologie store.
I didn't even know what they were until my neice got a job
at one and I googled it.
I don't get out much!
But I found this tutorial
on my new addiction,
(My account is under my name, Cathy Strate, if anyone wants to add to that addiction)
in my efforts to use what I am "learning" there,
I made this bracelet.
Here is the tutorial.
I have to go back and check out the other eleven projects that she has.

This is a really good tutorial,
I have never worked with elastic thread before
and it is a little tricky
to get used to.

Funny story there.
In the mess of errands that I had to run in the 3 hour wait for my MIL
to be done with dialysis...
the final stop
was Wallyville.
Elastic thread,
Contact Solution
Hair Mousse
Got it all,
Check off the final stop on my handy dandy
color notes on my phone...
Just enough time to make it back to the hospital.
I am doing great.
Pick up my MIL,
Load her in the car,
where is my bag from Wallyville?

Apparently in the cart still!!!! 
Guess you can't have a PERFECT day.
The good news,
A quick run into the store and some honest person turned it in.
Not a big believer in Karma,
but I did put a dime in the meter next to mine yesterday
for the person behind me whose had run out.....
or really,
no one else needed
Elastic Cord
Contact Solution.

So, back to the bracelet.
Now that my beads are laying all over my sewing table.
I may have to make a few more of these.
For Christmas.
Don't tell.

as I was digging through the craft closet for the beads.
I was reminded of Gracelyn's word on one of her overnights here,
as she also dug through that closet,
"Mamaw, I love being here!"
"Why Gracelyn?"
Expecting some loving revelation from the three year old.
"Because you have so much STUFF!"

Guess it pays to be a hoarder! 


Angela said…
Cathy, Love the bracelet. Wow, what great Christmas gifts. Gracelyn was actually paying you a great compliment. I am so far behind on my decorating for Christmas and had decorations in great room yesterday and Darbee Rae comes in so excited that an empty tree is up, tells me she loves my naked tree and procedes to tell me,"Nana your house is so messy." Honest and innocent ....what can I say.
Glad your package was at the store. There are still so honest folks out there. Have a great day and wonderful weekend.
Teresa said…
Cute bracelet.
Glad you got your bag of goodies back.
I love how kids don't see clutter but wonderful treasures.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches
annie said…
Great you got your purse back!!

But uh, oh, now you've you done it with the bracelets, I am a jewelry part hoarder! Yes, it's true everywhere we go I buy bits and pieces of old junky mostly jewelry! I love these bracelets! Now I know what I'll be getting for Christmas, my own creations! Thanks so much for sharing this!
I was laughing, just after reading the words "funny story here". Yes, there are some honest people out there!!! Or they didn't want what was in the bag!!!!! Well, Monica complains that her bedroom is getting smaller and smaller!!!!! Guess I better check out that Pinterest!!!!!

Sheila said…
Out of the mouths of babes! Love it and so honest.
Ok, girl I got "Pin-d!" I think I'm going to have a lot more sleepless nights . . . . .
Kim said…
Very cute bracelet. Isn't pinterest just the greatest spot? Love it. Gonna go find you now.
TheCrankyCrow said…
Sweet bracelet Cathy - I love Anthropologie...but, unfortunately, the only time I ever got to go was when we went to Arizona - and that's been a long while now. And will you please stop tempting me with Pinterest and new crafts??? Yikes - I'd be happy just getting back to my "regular" crafts and now you are luring me a half a dozen different new directions! ;o) Have a fabulous weekend! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin
I loooove your bracelet...great job.
I've never ever tried to make jewelry and probably never ever will...don't think I have the patience for the small little pieces. Plus my eyes are horrible anymore.

Love the bracelets Cathy! Pinterest is very addicting!!! Lol!
frontporchprims said…
I love that you call it Wallyworld because that is a joke between my husband and I:) Glad you got your bag back. Pinterest is addicting. Sometimes I have to choose to do that or blog. I love the bracelet. It is very neat. Kids are so honest and cute. Glad you have a lot of stuff to keep her busy. -Steph-
Allison said…
I just started following you on Pinterest. It's horribly addicting!