Disjointed post

And I cannot even figure these pictures out or get them in order,
so bear with me.
This is a pic of the kitchen that I worked on yesterday.
There is another one on down.
Life is in a typical, crazy mode here.

This lovely little Tom Brady ornament came to me from my friend, Becky. 
It was a winning from a wager on the Steeler/Patriots game of Sunday night. 
I might have to remove the Tom Brady tag.
Sorry, Becky!
More of the room painting.
I made a stencil for the background
and then shaded and highlighted the stencil area,
then added the vines and flowers.

And this cute little pillow was such a surprise!
sent this to me. 
Thank you so much, Linda!
It was such a surprise!
I love it!

And this is the wrapping for the ornament. 

We will be traveling to Ohio this weekend for a funeral.
My aunt passed away yesterday,
my Mom's sister. 
She was 90,
a life well lived. 
She was spunky and outspoken
and we always managed to get along well.

We traveled to Georgia a few times
and we always had fun on the trips.
She put up with fighting kids in the backseat
and laughed about it! 
It was always a battle of the wits between us.
Sometimes I won,
Sometimes she won
But we would always laugh about it in the end.
I will miss the fun times we had.
I will miss the banter!


Sheila said…
Sorry to hear about your aunt. It sounds like she was quite the gal. Years pass quickly but the memories last forever. Hold on to them.

Awesome painting in the lucky someone's kitchen!

. . . .and I LOVE the Tom Brady ornament! Very clever friend I might add. :)
Take care.
Rachel said…
Sorry to hear about your Aunt ~ I hope you have a safe trip.
Good morning!
Great ornament - don't you love those kinds of bets...how fun.

I'm sorry about your aunt...I know 90 is time and it's so wonderful that you have such good memories of her - I'm sure she felt the same way too.

My deepest sympathies about your Aunt. Wish you were coming to Ohio, my neck o' the woods, for something happier.

Love the stenciling. Very pretty.

That pillow from Linda is adorable!

I haven't forgotten about swapping for the springs. I have just been under the weather.

Carmen and the Primcats
The passing of anyone dear to us is difficult. My thoughts are with your family.
Very cool winning!!!!
Glad you like my offering. Hope it brings a smile to your face.
So sorry to hear about your Aunt.

I'm glad you liked the ornament, personally, I think the "wrapping paper and tag" was the best part of the gift! how could I NOT include Tom Terrific! LOL
TheCrankyCrow said…
Gorgeous painting my friend....Wow - what an elegant room - and the design just pops off the wall - it really looks dimensional....Love your Linda pillow...Isn't she the sweetest? And your friend Becky sounds like a hoot...too funny....

Sorry about your loss....she sounds like she was a remarkable lady. Praying you find peace, comfort, and joy in your memories of her. Safe travels friend....

Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin
Sorry to hear about your aunt. Be careful. Sounds like a great lady.

Love your painting.

Lesley said…
Sorry for your loss Cathy. You have fond memories of your times together, good and not so good.

I love the painting on the walls, my arms ached just looking at how high it is. LOL

Loved Becky's ornament for you, tee hee. Enjoy Tom Terrific.

Les xo
frontporchprims said…
Sorry to hear about your Auntie. You do have some great memories though. I love the stitchery Linda sent you. What a blessing she is. The kitchen is lovely. You do a wonderful job. Love those wager winnings. -Steph-