Ok, before anyone goes crazy trying to sign up for this...
I decided to do it a little different.

I am so thankful for all of you that stop by regularly and comment on whatever
rambling that I might be into on any given day!
I love comments! 
so appreciate each and every one of you!
instead of offering a giveaway and
everyone comes from everywhere and signs up.
I decided to take the last 50 comments on my blog posts
and offer this giveaway.

And the winner is.....

Random Number Generator brought up lucky number

Lesley makes the greatest paper items and is a wonderful painter! 
I have actually been to
Harmony Road!

Congrats Les!

Progress on the Penny Rug for the De-Appled Room.

Project # 6
Painting over the doorway
cleaning of the wall behind that swag that was there..
We are not even going to talk about how dirty that was!

And redo of this basket.
Gracelyn always uses this basket to go berry picking.
Berry Picking to her is collecting the wood strawberries that I had in a bowl in the dining room
that are no longer there.

Wonder if she will even recognize the basket?

And the final plate picture. 
JWS hung this shelf for me Saturday night.
I could have hung it,
however, it probably would not have been as safe
as he hung it.
Let's just say,
if we ever have a tornado here and this wall is blown to another state.
The shelf will still be attached to it.


Ann said…
I like how you did your giveaway - I've been trying to come up with an idea for something different. Have to laugh about the shelf being attached to the wall - must be a guy thing. Kevin does the same thing. He doesn't understand that I may not want something hung permanently/forever in one spot! But he gets out those butterfly screws that expand on the other side of the wall and the hole they make is rather large. Why does he get upset when I want a change in 6 months? He should feel happy I haven't replaced him in 23 years!!! ~Ann
Courtney said…
It's so much fun to see this room's transformation! Cute giveaway idea...congrats to the winner!! Also, that penny rug is looking mighty fine!!
Jody said…
I just love seeing make overs and your have all turned out so nice. Love that shelf too! Congrats to Leslie on the giveaway win also...neat way to do a giveaway!
BumbleBeeLane said…
Great idea for a giveaway! Love the penny rug.Warm Blessings!~Amy
laurie said…
the shelf looks great so does the basket, both beautiful
Sheila said…
Congratulations to Leslie!
I'm liking the chances in your de-apple project. Did you de-apple the light box I made? lol

I did my give away with no rules at all. Just sign up. That way I felt my regular followers and friends I've made would stand a better chance at winning. Last time I did one everyone came out of the woodwork and dropped off once it was over. Grateful for everyone that continues to follow and share.

Hope your week is a great one!
Connie said…
Great idea for the giveaway! Congrats Lesley!
Love your penny rug and de-appleization projects! LOL

Vicky said…
LOL, on the shelf hanging! Congrats to your winner!
Good idea for your giveaway and my congrats to Leslie! Love all the other things you shared too! Blessings.
Congrats to Leslie!!!

De-appleazation is going very well! Liking it a lot!

Carmen and the Primcats
Congratulations to Leslie!
I Love all your new De-applization projects. That penny rug is beautiful!
Christine said…
Great way to have a giveaway! Congrats to your winner!
Love the shelf display - looks great!
Hoe Gracelyn still gets to pick berries!
Lesley said…
Are you kidding me??? I won something??? oh my, you just made my day Cathy. At least something is going right.
I am jumping up and down, yippeee skippee.
Les xo
frontporchprims said…
What a fun way to have a giveaway. I love it. Even though I wasn't entered. I am a bit behind lately and even now as I speak trying frantically to catch up. congrats to the winner. Way to be on top of things. -Steph-
TheCrankyCrow said…
Woo Hoo!! Congratulations to Lesley!! Fun giveaway (I think...gee - I don't even have to feel bad for not winning, 'cuz I didn't know you were having one!) ;o) You've been a busy gal - love Gracelyn's basket redo...but what happened to her berries? Thought you were de-appling; not de-berrying. Love the shelf too and how you've styled it. Wish there were a happy medium b/w how I hang things (usually falls down with a good slam of a door) and how dh does it (anchor mounts, drills, and gaping holes when I tell him it's too high or too low or I want to change it out for something seasonal...well, except for the shelving unit he hung in my son's room that came crashing down breaking everything on it, under it, or near it - including my son's new laptop....but let's not even go there....) Have a great week Sweetie! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin
LibbiesHome said…
I love how you did this giveaway - great idea! And congrats to Lesley :)
And I am really enjoying the de-apple-ization project(s)! You are sharing a lot of great ideas that could work in other spots. Thanks!
Catherine said…
What a great way to handle a giveaway! I may have to borrow this idea. Congrats to Lesley!