Jewels, Gems and All Things Sparkly

What fun!
Digging through all those beads!
I had so many 1, 2 , 5  and 10 of a kind
not a lot that matched anything else.
But, with these, it didn't really matter.

A piece of Amber
bought in a little side street store
Colonial Zone
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
What memories!
I may have to keep that one.

Some sparklies.

And polka dots.

And I little antique look.
And viola!

Five more bracelets!
Some pink...

Blacks and golds...

More black and gold.

More colors..

And a soft purple and green.

It's going to be hard to part with them,
I like them all!


Christine said…
Lovely beads - what a variety! It's great to have fun along the way!
Have a great day!
Ann said…
Cathy, very nice bracelets! Thank you for getting me addicted to Pintrest - I'm giving you half the blame(or should I say credit?) - the other half goes to my 17 year old daughter. Found a felted wool blanket on Pintrest that I just can't live without - and ofcourse I have the wool to use, so last night I started another project! It will be the perfect simple stitching project after work - when I'm brain dead!! ~Ann
Danice said…
The beads are so colorful! I love them :)
TheCrankyCrow said…
Purty pretties!! Are you doing these as gifts? Wow - you truly are a jack of all trades - and mastering them all as well! Craft on, craft on! Have a great rest of the weekend! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin
Love your new bracelets. What beautiful beads!
annie said…
I think I just became your friend!! I love them all!
annie said…
It's me again. I got to wondering, do you know the best type of string or bead wire to use to restring leaded glass beads for necklaces? I'm concerned about the weight because they are so heavy. thanks!
love those bracelets girl! You're just into everything! :) patti