Keepin' it Strate, The Thanksgiving Special

For those of you who missed the
Strate Thanksgiving Saga
Here is how the day started.
(and by the way, yesterday was our Thanksgiving)
Syrup made for the
Sweet Potato/Yam/The Final Butternut Squash
(Those of you that have been following along should be happy
with the FINAL Butternut squash idea)
Anyway, I try to turn off the burner and
It does not turn off.
I twist.
I turn.
I maybe "reef" a little too hard.
The knob breaks.
"JWS, we have a little problem"
For those of you also following along,
you might realize that we also have been having an oven problem.

JWS, walking to the kitchen says,
"What did you do now, Rambo?"
A short time later,
my kitchen looks like the pic above.
Tyler is repeating over and over the stove has problem,
big problems.
is quietly sharpening colored pencils all over my freshly vacuumed floor.
Jenn is watching it all amused drinking her coffee,
And JWS?
Full Panic Mode.
I mean
Full, maybe he should take a pill or something, Panic Mode.
I am calmly explaining that we still have three burners.
He is not so calmly screaming
that he will have a stove delivered by noon.
It went on from there.
JWS was to drive his Mom to dialysis,
she was getting later by the minute.
He was then yelling at me.
I knew he said those things in love.
If not, I would have poisoned his food or something.
It took until about 10 AM before he called and apologized.
Sooner than I thought he would.
How he has matured.
He is almost grown up.

Until about noon,
when I kept telling him that I smelled gas.
"No, you don't"
Yes, I do!"

and so it continued
until I walked out of the kitchen.

and then I heard.

and the explosion.

Of course, as soon as the flames died down,
and I realized I did not have to dial 911.

I said,
"Betcha listen the next time I tell you,
'I smell gas'"

Maybe it was not quite time.

I got the LOOK.

the meal got cooked,
thanks to neighbors' stoves and ovens.
Everything was good.
Fun was had by all.
JWS is leaving for camp.
He thinks I should go buy a stove and have it put in Friday.
He is going to be at camp.
A fridge full of leftovers.
A microwave.
I'm good for days.
And in the end,
this Thanksgiving was way less stressful than the one that,
the garbage disposal
backed up because of the burnt gravy
and the gravy then re-appeared
in all it's burnt glory
in the
downstairs bathroom shower.
Now that was a rough one!

And these two,
happily playing on the floor.

Garren loves this little car thing,
but Wyatt is looking around to see who might be watching...

in stealth mode...
steals it away!

Caught on camera!
How unhappy does Garren look about that?
I think he was puzzled with Wyatt and that crawling thing the rest of the day!

These four little angels,
Happily eating away.

And then they also
Got Real Silly!

Last of all.
Priorities of a First Grader.
Could they be any better?

I hope that all of you have a
Blessed Thanksgiving

and that your stoves keep working!


Kim said…
Oh no. Well I'm sure at the time it felt like a disaster but now you have a thanksgiving memory you will never forget.
Happy Thanksgiving, Cathy,
It sounds like you had quite a day with your family. The grandbabies are just adorable.

Our was pretty quiet...just the four of us and all our favorite foods. And now deciding if we should go shopping at midnight!

Enjoy the weekend. ~Natalie
TheCrankyCrow said…
Oh my heck have the most fascinating life of anyone I know (and, yeah - that is saying more about you than about me!) I am still snort-laughing about the gravy in the downstairs shower.....I'll get to this year's explosion in time.....Hope today was filled with joys and blessings (and explosion and gravy free...) Smiles & Thanksgiving Hugs ~ Robin
Sheila said…
You certainly how much to be thankful for! Seems there is never a dull moment in the Strate household ;-)

Best of all that you have plenty of leftovers and some time to yourself while hubs is at camp!?!?!?!?! Hope you get to enjoy it.
Oh my goodness, what a day you had Cathy. Glad it turned out in the end. A few months ago, I had oven problems, called a local repair shop thats 10 miles away. They sent a guy out to take a look at the oven. Easy fix he says, I have the part in my truck. Fixes the oven in less than a half hour and hands me a bill for over $200, (the part was only $50) mind you. Seriously! That's almost half a new stove...I argued, didn't get anywhere. Last time I call them. Enjoy your weekend!
Catherine said…
Oh my gosh! I don't know what else to say ~ except thanks for the laughs and I'm glad your explosion didn't hurt anybody!
Danice said…
Oh my goodness! 'So glad the stove problem is fixed. We also cook with a gas stove, and have to be aware of the possible dangers, especially since our house is old. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving :)