Milkcan, 18 and Stocking, 19

Finished this up yesterday AM.
I am embarrassed to say that it has been sitting here for a year.
A couple of coats of varnish and it is out of here also.

Gracelyn's Stocking.
Two more of these to go.
It still needs steamed.

These are great justification for the "hoard".
These were made without purchasing anything!

Everything was found in my stash!

Today begins some tense moments around my house.
The new carpeting comes on Friday.
But first...
The family room needs re-arranged,
The kitchen needs some adjustments to allow furniture to pass through,
The dining room needs emptied,
The living room needs emptied.
The old carpet needs ripped up,
The living room needs another coat of paint,
all before Friday Morning
and the kicker is...
a man, that would be JWS, that hates upheaval
of any type.
I am searching for the medicine that the doctor gave me for flying...
I'll just be slipping some of that in his morning coffee.
Way less of a crime than I could commit when he gets this tense!


LibbiesHome said…
You make me feel like I'm not alone on procrastination island! Love the milk can and stocking. And great job with use of the stash!
Trace4J said…
Great job on the stocking and milkcan. You always make me chuckle. (JWS)
Hugs Trace
Connie said…
Love the milkcan and stocking! You are an AMAZING painter! Hope all goes well with the house. Try to find that medicine....sounds like you're gonna need it! LOL
Sheila said…
I want to know what you do in your "free" time? lol
How fun to be getting a makeover right before the holidays-or are you crazy? No doubt you will pull it all together.
I love your projects as usual. That milk can has to be my favorite. The colors and the red salt box, my dream home! Awesome that you are creating the stockings from your stash!
Have a great day!
Wow! You are still a busy bee! Love that milk can and stocking!

Have fun tearing the house apart and putting it back together.

Carmen and the Primcats
lilraggedyangie said…
Breathe woman ! some of us just work better under pressure , your a go getter so no worries I know you will handle it all with flying colors OMG I love that milk can ,,,it can come live at my house :0) Have a great day sweetie! hugs lilraggedyangie
TheCrankyCrow said…
Love, love, love that milkcan Miss Cathy!!! ADORABLE!!! Best of luck to you on finding the meds...Yikes...It was tense in these parts just moving things so my son could navigate the halls and rooms with his crutches - can't imagine what full blown upheaval would do! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin
I have heard people say not to get carpet just before Christmas, it is too nerve wracking! Love your milk can.
Good luck!

Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen
frontporchprims said…
Wow!!!! Sounds like a lot of work. I bet it will look fantastic when it's all done though. It's neat to see what we can come up with from scraps from the hoard. I love the milk can. My neighbor one block over has two milk cans in her front yard. I think I need them more than she does. I wonder if she would notice them sitting on my porch instead of hers:) -Steph-
I LOOOOVE that milkcan! You done a beautiful job painting it. The stocking is soooo cute!
Lois said…
Hi Cathy.
I still can't get over the talent you have. My blue eyes are soo green.
Good luck with all you have to doe....esp. getting JWS to drink that calming coffee mixture....hmmm actually I could use some of that.