A New Obsession, Day 2 and Who Runs Faster?

Day 2 finished.
Ornaments for a local shop.
They have been sitting on my paint counter for too long!

What may cause me to not finish this thirty day project?
My latest
Is there a group for this?
Pinterest Anonymous?
There should be.
I can't stay away.
So many ideas,
such a great concept.
I would always find things that I liked on the internet,
I would add them to my huge favorites list.
I would print them out.
I have tons of files of papers.
So to justify this new obsession,
I tell myself that my favorites column is more streamlined.
Think of what I am saving on printer ink and paper!
there are so many projects and ideas
and so little time left.
Unless I am going to live to be 498.

The Great Papa and Grandma Running Race.

Wish I had pics.
I am sure that you all do also.

It started like this.
Lunch is over at work.
I am so sleepy.
A little bit of exercise will help the afternoon go better.
I look at Logan and say.
"Let's race to the back of the lot!"
(About 200 feet)
A little over the 50 yard dash that I ran in high school
just a few (35) years ago.
So we run.
I have regular shoes on.
At least a 1 inch heel.
The ground is uneven.
Logan wins.
He is excited.
I am awake.
It's all Good.
Papa aka JWS
thinks that he and I need to race.
He knows, at least in his mind, that he can beat me.
we all know that he wouldn't challenge me.
It's a man thing.
I don't think I can beat him.
I argue, fuss, then when he won't leave it alone...
I kick off my shoes and
Ready, Set, Go.
For the record,
he was never ahead of me,
but at one point, about 3/4 of the way across the field
I heard an "Ugh"
and then I was way ahead.
And I won.
Tapped Logan's hand.
and then looked back.
There he was running/limping in.
He hurt something.
He limped around the rest of the day.
Anyone besides me think he asked for it?
Dignified Grandparents?
I think not.


Trace4J said…
Good Morning,
toooo funny..I need to go on a run. I have seen somecool things from others for pin interest and have not done it. Beacuse I spend alot of time already on blogs.lol
Have a great day. Love your ornies.
Hugs Trace

Sheila said…
You certainly have lots to keep you busy Cathy.
Too funny about the race, yep, it's a guy thing!
Have a great day.
Your ornaments are so cute!

LMBO at the racing! THat's funny!

Pinterest.... oh pinterest. How you taunt me with your crafty projects I will never get to. LOL!

I have some ideas on what we can swap for springs. I'll email you. :)

Carmen and the Primcats
BumbleBeeLane said…
Well at least he picked himself up and carried on to the finish..smile..I'm addicted to pinterest too.Warm Blessings!~Amy
annie said…
Lovely ornaments!
TheCrankyCrow said…
Sweet, sweet, ornaments Cathy...wow...that would take me forever to paint all those. And, yup, I think JWS was asking for it (and, actually, he probably just faked the injury to save face on losing to a girl....) ;o) And tempt me not into Pinterest....I've "visited" once or twice (ok - 3 times maybe) and left each time wondering how 5 minutes morphed into 3 hours...I have enough addictions as it is! But you, my friend - enjoy! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin
lilraggedyangie said…
I love the ornaments, and exactly why I wont go near pinterest Im scared Ive heard stories lol! Have a great day ! hugs lilraggedyangie
Lesley said…
ROFL about the race. Yes it has to be a man thing for sure. I chuckled and thought good for Cath but don't tell JWS I said that.
Your snowies look great.
And I finally got in to Pinterest but havent' actually started to pin yet. I might be there for days but looks fun.
Take care, did you get a ribbon to wear after the race. Just to rub it in. LOL
Cathy, too funny about the race. MEN!!!!
Love the ornaments. Haven't been to Pinterest...I'm afraid, very afraid. You may never see me again!!! Me too, tons of stuff printed off...I'm going to get to "one of these days"!!!!!
Have a good one!!1
You crack me up, Cathy! Men! They always think they've got us whipped! I'll bet Logan is STILL talking about the race!

Love pinterest! You can cook off of it, plan your outfits,, find great books to read and CRAFT! And yes, save paper and save money on magazines :)