Not for the Faint of Heart, Number Seven

Ok, I debated posting these,
I could have just said,
"Project Number Seven is done"
and acted like it was a Christmas present that I could not show yet.
I could have just not counted them,
But really,
they are not something that I like to paint...
so getting them off the list
was a huge accomplishment
I wanted to celebrate it!

One time I was asked,
"What is the strangest thing that you ever painted on?"
and my answer was this.


I did not think that I would ever have to do another one.

Much less two of them.

the first one is displayed in my daughter and son-in-law's

One of their friends saw it and wanted two done.

They called.

I was busy at work.

JWS asked if I wanted to do them,
Hand over the receiver.

I hemmed and hawed.

And finally shot off a price that I thought was worth it to do them.

And they said that they would think about it.


And then....

They were dropped off at the shop.

and then...

They sat on the highest shelf in my paint room,

for a month. 

So all of you non-hunting, Bambi lovers,
please don't be offended.

I like Bambi too!

But I live in a
Redneck World.

And for all of you painters that also live in a
Redneck World.

You might want to
NOT show your hunter/significant other
this post.

TA DA!  

Can't wait to hear the comments!


LibbiesHome said…
Oh my! Words fail. They look amazing and you are amazing!! And I hope that is always the strangest thing you have to paint on. :) Thanks for deciding to share. My redneck kin will enjoy this one!
Trace4J said…
Great job!
BurttBunch said…
That is too funny!! Only in good ol rural PA!!! You really do paint anything- good job though =)
Sheila said…
Hey, I gotta rack I'll send ya! Only it's lots bigger-an elk!!!! To funny but they do look good.
Thankfully my hubs gave up on the hunting a while ago. Cheaper to buy the meat and put in the freezer. He does love to bird hunt though.

Now my nephews and BIL, THEY are Rednecks. . . .
Oh My! You did a great job and these will certainly make some redneck real happy! Yeeha!
LOL, omgosh I didn't expect this! lol
Good job lady!

tjwheeler said…
Speaking from someone who has to look at these extremely scary skulls sitting around the house at various places, this is a great improvement! I wouldn't mind looking at these nearly as much. Great job Cathy!
Christine said…
Good for you - They do look amazing owing to your talents!
Congrats on finishing something so 'big'!
I started on my own 'to do' list and linked to yours!
Best wishes
I think you may have started a fad! They look great.
oh my goodness! I wasn't expecting that. But you did an awesome job!
TheCrankyCrow said…
Yee Haw!! Well done my friend....Well, seeing that Nod appears to be situated smack dab in the middle of redneck country, I am numbed to seeing heads and skulls of dead critters adorning folks' homes. And personally, I prefer the skulls, to the entire dead bodies (complete with elongated tongue hanging out of the side of the mouth) that will be strapped to everyone's tailgates and trunks in the coming weeks. And I DEFINITELY prefer your artistic improvement of said skulls....They might even be allowed in our garage. ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin
Well, that was unexpected! I can honestly say that I have never ever seen any animal skulls painted. :) I hope the owners love the job you did on them!
Words fail me, as I wouldn't want skulls hanging around in our house!!!! But you did a great job making them look good!!!!
Thanks for the sweet compliment you had in Shelia's post.
Well this is a first for me...great job on the skulls! It looked like you painted the star on an elephant in the closeup...haha!
jennifer768 said…
Well it was not what I was expecting but I have to say you did an awesome job on them! LOL!Hugs,Jen
Laurie said…
I have to say I didn't know where you were going! But hey! These look fan-tas-tic! Better than seeing them naked!
Lesley said…
I have 2 things to say Cathy,
Yuck and Wow.
Les :)
Danice said…
Yes, I love Bambi also, but these are wonderful. Who would have ever thought to craft with them but you. Great job :)
Wow. That is weird... that from a woman who lives in a hunting community. But hey... whatever floats their boats. LOL! You made them look good!

Carmen and the Primcats
frontporchprims said…
AHHHH. That scared me. I don't even know what to say but congrats on that accomplishment. -Steph-