Ten Good Things About Deer Camp

1. Painting orders finished.
2. Who cares if the firewood bin goes empty?

3. Food from the microwave all weekend.
4. No one cares if there are dirty dishes in the sink.
(JWS is a  little obsessive over the sink)

5. More orders finished.
6. Full possession of the remotes.
7. Messy sewing area and who cares?

8.  All these projects spread all over the living room floor.

9. Full possession of the laptop.
Number 10...
Full possession of the king size bed!!!

I really will be glad for him to get home,
but it is almost a mini-vacation for me!

Oh and one last item.
Anyone remember the roaster lid that I painted?
Well it seems as though the person that brought it to me,
doesn't want it.

Does anyone else? 

I will swap something for it! 

Let me know!


Kim said…
They ordered it - you did all that beautiful work - and they don't want it?? That is terrible. I hope someone gets it who will appreciate all that went into it.
Sounds like my kind of weekend!!!
I hope you enjoyed every minute!!!
Looks like you got a lot of creations completed!
Prim Blessings
I know, isn't it nice...you can make a mess and no one cares!!!! It's like that here too!!!!! Mr H doesn't like alot of dishes sitting around either!!!! Yeah, all that work and they don't want it now!!!! YIKES!!!!

TheCrankyCrow said…
Oh - I so know what boat you're fishing out of! Can you imagine what homes all across the world would look like if men all of sudden disappeared from the face of the earth?? ;o) And there's nothing wrong with ice cream for dinner either! Looks like and sounds like you've been enjoying....yee ha! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin
Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. I get so much more done when no ones around telling me that I better clean up my mess, Lol!